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Microwave Dave Foundation Brings Concerts to the Classroom

Microwave Dave Foundation Brings Concerts to the Classroom

Huntsville has a new music education resource and it wears overalls. Stephen King is also a big fan.

A year or so ago, some friends got together. They knew how much Microwave Dave had invested in to the Huntsville community and they wanted to support him, as a thank you, through a benefit concert. Along the way, Dave made it clear that he didn’t want to be the recipient of the money but would like to see it given back to the community.

When Dave was in 4th grade a musician came to his school and performed a concert. He knew right then that he wanted to be a musician when he “grew up”.

Microwave Dave Foundation

When deciding what to do with the money from the benefit concert, it seemed natural that it would find a way be used to bring musicians into local schools. What if it could help inspire kids in the arts (concerts in the class room), and to give them the same exposure to the musical arts that Dave was gifted when he was young? After it got going it seemed to take on a life of its own and has extended to training musicians to be music educators. They not only teach kids how creativity can be enhanced through music, but also how it can help them in all areas of their schooling. The program also features the important role music has played throughout history.

The Microwave Dave Foundation’s main goal is to enhance creative process for kids with a focus on music, using instruments, teaching song writing as well as singing. The conduit to accomplish this is having local musicians present in the schools to educate.

microwave dave foundation board members

Our goal is not to breed musicians,
it is to inspire and enhance the creative process in kids.
– Evan Billiter, MDMEF president

The Microwave Dave Foundation works with local artists for two reasons. First, they want them to help invest in their own community, and second, they want to help support the artists. The Foundation actively seeks out like-minded musicians who have a heart for kids and education.

Another interesting piece of the project is that all of the artists that perform in schools are not just volunteering their time. They are actually paid to perform in the schools and the performances are booked the same way any other booking would be. The Foundation is funded 100% through sponsors, local events, concerts, and direct donations. They see it as a way of investing back in to our local musicians and giving them a way to invest in to the kids who will be the future of Huntsville.

Microwave Dave Day 2016

Sunday, June 26th, from 3-9 PM
$10 donation suggested at the door

Be at the annual concert that started it all and YOU can help support this worthy music project! Last year, Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle officially proclaimed June 28, 2015, “Microwave Dave Day.” A concert was held to honor Dave for his ongoing social and musical contributions to our community — and to announce a future project aimed at supporting the sort of philanthropy he has been doing on his own for years: The Microwave Dave Music Education Foundation. Dave received a key to the city from Mayor Tommy Battle during the event.

The second annual Microwave Dave Day celebration will be held at A.M. Booth’s Lumberyard in downtown Huntsville on June 26, 2016 from 3 PM until 9 PM. The family-friendly event will feature performances from some of our finest local musicians including a repeat performance by Microwave Dave and the Nukes. A major highlight of this year’s event will be the selection and recognition not only of a local musician for their contribution to music education but also to recognize an outstanding local educator for their dedication and contribution.

How You Can Get Involved

Do you want to donate to the cause? Donations can be mailed to:
Microwave Dave Music Education Foundation (MDMEF)
P. O. Box 18411
Huntsville, AL 35804

Or you can donate securely online.

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