Earth & Stone Wood Fired Pizza Review

Tina Ford first handed me an Earth & Stone pizza in Albertville, at the 2013 Main Street Music Festival. It’s been love ever since.

(The pizza, not Tina, though she is a gem!)

Stan Stinson’s and Tina Ford’s Earth and Stone Wood Fired Pizza has been an extremely well-regarded (and decorated) pizza food truck for several years now. The truck continues, but — good news for fans of yummy — it seems they’ve also decided to “set a spell.” The new Earth and Stone restaurant shares a large location with Yellowhammer Brewing, as part of a development called Campus No. 805, on Clinton Avenue in Huntsville.

This is a fabulous space in the northeast end of the property. Garage doors separate the restaurant and taproom, and the taproom from the outside. The ultimate vision for Campus No. 805 is a relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere, with the best comestibles, potables, and frequent live music.

The same wonderful pizzas that we’ve enjoyed off the Earth and Stone truck for years are available. There are new offerings too, including some interesting departures. (Ever seen sweet potatoes on a pizza before?) The experience is classic fast casual—order and pay at the counter, then your food is brought to you. (And for a Yellowhammer beer, step to the bar, order, and bring it back to your table. I’m quite partial to their IPA.)

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Earth & Stone Pizza Menu

We selected chipotle hummus for our appetizer. (I love hummus, though Lea still pokes me when I call it “snooty bean dip.”) This is served with fresh wood-fired chips, with a delightfully lilting burn in the finish.

Earth and Stone has several salads. My Caesar was served with a few of those same chips, and impossibly fresh Parmesan cheese shavings. Classic Italian and Caprese salads are also available, as well as the White Hot, with house Belgian White habanero vinaigrette.

The namesake stars of the show are made to order on homemade dough. Available in 10-inch ($9-14) and 14-inch ($13-21) sizes, the pizzas are cooked in white oak-fired ovens. Guess what? It doesn’t take long to cook a pizza at 850 degrees. That sets up an interesting dynamic. It’s some of the best pizza you’ll ever eat, but you may get it in less time than it takes to wait for a fast food burger.

There are nine featured pizzas available. There are classic combinations like the PMS, with pepperoni, mushroom, and sausage. There are also interesting twists like the Latham, with roasted sweet potatoes, caramelized onions, and Humble Heart Farms goat cheese. Or, you can customize your own. In addition to classic pizza meats, there are a lot of delicious vegetarian toppings offered, including baby spinach, Kalamata olives, and peppadew peppers.

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On the night of our visit, half of us went with the classics. My PMS was bubbly perfection on top, and I love the satisfying crunch of the Earth and Stone crust. Nathan spoke highly of his Porkalicious. The other half of us departed a bit. Lea loved her Latham, and Aaron selected the ‘Hammer, with bacon, red onion, baby arugula, and spicy pepper olive oil drizzle. Both the Latham and the ‘Hammer are made with Earth and Stone’s delicious white sauce.

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For the Kiddos

The Earth and Stone menu also offers calzones, made of the same wonderful ingredients. Cheesecake is available for dessert, customizable with Midnight Special beer caramel drizzle. The children’s menu offers a 7-inch cheese pizza and a 7-inch pepperoni pizza. Highchairs are available. The two for-everyone restrooms have no changing tables. Kids might find the beer-barrel urinals in the men’s room hilarious.

Earth and Stone pulls double duty capably. It’s a gourmet pizza restaurant collocated with a taproom, so it’s a hang-out-after-work place, or a cool spot to catch the game. But, as a primary thrust of the development is to be family-friendly, it’s also a wonderful spot for a family dinner. (My boys rib me every time they find out I’ve been without them.) Put Earth and Stone in your rotation, and I’ll see you there!

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Earth & Stone Pizza Details

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Address: 2600 Clinton Avenue West, Huntsville (map)
Phone: Hours:
Monday through Thursday, 11 am – 9 pm
Friday and Saturday, 11 am – 11 pm
Sunday 11 am – 8 pm

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