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Bo’s Top 5 Parent Restaurant Reviews

Bo’s Top 5 Parent Restaurant Reviews

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[themify_box icon=”announcement” color=”lavender”]EDITOR’S NOTE: We know money doesn’t grow on trees and choosing a place to dine out with kids can be tricky. That’s why we’re so thrilled to have Bo Williams, our RCM Restaurant Guru, contribute his monthly Parent Reviews. Bo has reviewed over 40 Huntsville restaurants on behalf of local families, keeping an eye out for kid’s menus, changing tables, and good eats. Below are his top picks… so far. [/themify_box]

1. Anaheim Chili

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I find my way back to Anaheim Chili’s delicious offerings again and again. The menu accommodates a light touch just as easily as it does a desire to be “bad,” and I can get my heat on too. Vegetarian shout-out: I’m not one, and I still eat the house-made black bean burger.

2. Earth & Stone Wood Fired Pizza

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Earth and Stone is the most luxurious pizza experience in Huntsville, and its new Madison location is dangerously close by. They’ve added delectable artisan ice cream since my initial review, that comes in for-everyone and adult varieties. The bourbon butter pecan is quite an experience.

3. Johnny Gryll’s

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Johnny Gryll’s remains a favorite burgers and wings stop, and with the super-cool garage door front, it’s a great place to enjoy a little inside-outside on a nice day. The fries are good, but if you like onion rings, get those instead.

4. Stanlieo’s Sub Villa

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Stanlieo’s stays on my list because the Kitchen Sink stays on my list. It comes hot or cold (I think cold is better because the vegetables are more flavorful then), and with a formidable pile of meats and cheeses. The Kitchen Sink is the official sandwich of Huntsville. Rocket City Mom can sanction that, right?

5. Toy Box Bistro

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There is ample whimsy at Toy Box Bistro, both in its decor and its menu. (Do they really have a peanut butter hamburger? Yes they do!) Daily specials could be nearly anything, so that’s an adventure as well. And where else are you going to play with LEGOS while you enjoy your appetizer?

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