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Special Delivery in Huntsville

Special Delivery in Huntsville

We are all busy. SLAMMED, even.

Almost every night there’s something going on – a practice, a rehearsal, a meeting, a project… the list seems endless at times. Families these days are all swimming upstream, but we know how important it is to carve out time for a meal together – sometimes we just need a little help.

Now there are several resources in Huntsville to help make that happen, and we’re excited to list them here for you on days when you just can’t make it to the grocery store, or are out of energy to get dinner on the table.

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Shipt Grocery Home Delivery

Delivery 7 days a week from 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Every parent’s dream has finally come to the Huntsville area! I don’t need to tell you that grocery shopping with a baby, a toddler, and a 3rd grader can be ROUGH. Now you don’t have to. Shipt is an on-demand grocery delivery service from Publix. You must be a member to use the service, and there is a $99 yearly membership fee. Download the free mobile app, start adding groceries to your virtual cart, and schedule a delivery time – all from your mobile device. A Shipt Shopper will deliver the groceries right to your door. Orders over $35 even get free delivery!

You can try it free and get $10 off your first order if you use the code word ROCKETCITYMOM here. Got more questions? Read more about Shipt’s service on their FAQ page.
Also – becoming a Shipt Shopper is also a great way for moms & dads to earn a little extra cash during the hours that kids are in school.


Delivers weekly healthy & homemade meals 
Dished delivers ready-to-cook meals to busy folks in the Huntsville area so they can get healthy, balanced, suppers on the table with no shopping, planning, prep or cleanup. The amazing chef behind Dinner By Design will whip up something delicious for your family – all you do is place your order the Sunday of each week, pay online, and your food arrives at your door on Thursday. These meals are completely prepped, all you do is pop them in the oven to finish them off – plus there’s something new on the menu each week!

Sign up to get the menu in your email inbox each week or follow them on Facebook. Call Jennifer at (256) 508-6628 to place your order. Mention Rocket City Mom and you’ll get 15% off!



Food delivery 7 days a week

This locally owned and operated delivery services will bring you all your favorites to your home or business.

  1. Order online at
  2. Click what you would like to order
  3. Your food will be delivered!

GrubSouth offers everything from Sushi to Burgers to Indian Food to Fine Dining, and almost everything in between. It’s like going out to eat in the comfort of your own home! It also helps that the people are super friendly, and that they deliver in both Huntsville and Madison.


Grocery Pickup

Curbside pickup from local grocery stores
No more wrestling with the kids while getting shopping done. If you haven’t tried out this new service, what are you waiting for? There’s usually a $30 minimum, but the process is super easy – just add items to your virtual cart online, schedule your pick up time at the participating store of your choice, and TA-DA! Grocery shopping just leveled up. They’ll even load it into your car – you don’t even have to get out of the vehicle.

Kroger Pickup

WalMart Pickup

We love these options for grocery delivery in Huntsville, as well as a variety of ready made meals. Like Rocket City Mom, they are guaranteed to make parenting in Huntsville easier.


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  • I love the Walmart grocery pickup. So convenient with a toddler and newborn! I would also like to try shipt.

  • Walmart grocery is the best!! shipt creators deserve some sort of award….

  • I’ve never tried any but Shipt would make life easier. I have an elementary schooler, a preschooler, and newborn with health issues, so grocery shopping is hard right now.

  • I have never heard of Shipt! With a 6 year old at home and my son due in March, this sounds like it could most definitely come in handy!!! I would love to win! I enjoy the Wal-Mart Grocery Pick Up and the convenience !

  • Tried Shipt several times, absolutely love it! I feel confident for them to pick out my produce and they said they check all dates to be sure to get me the freshest items. Walmart service is nice but since shipt started I haven’t used Walmart, plus they have limited groceries. I did not know about dinner by design, I’m going to try them out.

  • I’ve been ordering from Dished and love it! Hard to beat healthy & delicious meals (not to mention ready to prepare) delivered to my front door. 🙂

  • I use the Walmart pickup service at least twice weekly. I absolutely love it!!!
    My son is getting married in March & we may use Grub South to have the reception dinner at the church. Thanks for all this information!

  • I’m interested in trying Grub South. My kids are all in school, so I have time to grocery shop by myself. But this would be nice on those cold rainy evenings where you don’t want to cook or get out of the house. =)

  • Walmart pick-up staff were super courteous and everything was handled carefully. I’m looking forward to trying Shipt now because I love Publix.

  • These are terrific services and I wish they had existed when my children were growing up and time was rare. My question is for senior citizens. Is there anything available for those who don’t have a computer for example but could afford to use some kind of delivery service too? My 93yr old Mother and others like her would greatly benefit from a grocery/food delivery. Not restaurant food but healthy meals they could pop in the microwave and add some fresh vegetables, salads and fruits. Does anyone know if this exists or is it an untapped market waiting for someone to pull it together?

    • I was told by someone at the senior center on drake and ivy that senior centers have programs in place like that at no cost. Couldn’t hurt to call and ask.

    • I believe it IS an untapped market! I have been considering starting a small service to deliver groceries or drugstore items to the elderly. I’m not sure where to begin. Does anyone have any ideas they could share?

  • I use WalMart and Sams Club preorder services every week. Love it! Makes my life so much easier. Looking forward to trying out the new service from Publix and Dished. GrubSouth doesn’t deliver in New Market yet. Thanks for the heads up!

  • I have tried Grub South with my coworkers. I love the variety of restaurants they will pick up from and if you order with a group (coworkers, etc.) It really is super affordable and convenient. I just discovered Shipt via your article and I love the grocery option… would love to try it out!!

  • After Moving here from NYC, one of the biggest thing I missed was grocery delivery. InstaCart and Fresh Direct made my busy life so much easier. Looking forward to using Shipt

  • I have used Grub South and love it! Wonderful when I am wanting wings from the bar, but do not want to have to go to the smoky bar

  • Grubsouth was a lifesaver when my son was in the nicu six weeks ago. With a toddler and a newborn at home and the weather like it is, having grocery delivery would really take a lot of the stress out of our lives. I would love to try Shipt. I plan on trying the Walmart grocery pick up soon. I’m excited to see all the positive feedback from those that already have.

  • Love the Walmart pickup! I use it weekly and it has really been a huge help. 🙂 I would love to try shipt! Maybe I’ll ask for a subscription for my birthday. (Sure sign that you’re a mom, huh?)

  • I attempted to try Walmart’s service, spent the time putting items in my cart but then the pick up time it kept scheduling for me wasn’t convenient for me and it only allowed two times for me to pick from. Also, I shop a lot with coupons and they said there isn’t a way to do this yet, do any of the other programs allow for this? Maybe the one that shops at Publix? I prefer shopping at publix but only when I can use coupons and shopping their ads. I’m going to look into Dished and GrubSouth as well! I have MS, two kids, a husband who travels a lot for work and we all have a very busy schedule so all of these would be a lifesaver and to win the giveaway would be even sweeter!

  • I’ve heard great things about the Walmart service, but I wasn’t sure if all the Walmarts in the area offered it. I need to start giving it a try!

  • We use Walmart pick up shopping service. I have lupus and have two kiddos on the spectrum. It has been life changing. I think it also helps me not have to make so many trips to the store because I don’t forget something because of a meltdown or fatigue.

  • My wife LOVES the online pick up! It’s makes life so much easier for the whole family.

  • I’m a SHIPT shopper and I can tell you that we not only pick over the produce to get the very best there is but we also ask the Publix staff to go in the back and get things when nothing that’s out on the shelve looks good enough. We check expiration dates, dig waaaaay in the back even, to find the one that’s the farthest out on everything with a date. If you’re in an area with more than one Publix close by and there’s time we’ll even hit a second store to find the things that were out of stock in the first one. The publix employees are always very helpful as well; that makes it much easier to bring you the best that they have in the store.

  • I have used Grubsouth since they first started delivering!!!! It is such a great way to have your favorites delivered. The are constantly adding new restaurants, so there is lots of variety!!!!

    I also use the Walmart pickup service, sometimes I have to change my location due to the time I want to pick up my food. I think all of the stores in Huntsville and Madison now have that option. My produce is always top notch! That was my biggest concern but it has been great!

    Will have to look into the food delivery at some point.

    • Congrats, Michelle! You are one of our winners of the free Shipt giveaway! Please check your email and reply to claim your prize.

  • I have tried walmart grocery, and I loved it!! My sister used shipt in Nashville and raves about it. The best part of the walmart grocery, is if they don’t have an item, they will substitue the nearest thing,but give you the option to refuse it. The only down side is when you order fruit and lets say you prefer green bananas, you can’t specifiy that.

  • Any of these services sound wonderful for those of us who always have kids in tow! With a large family, we have to watch our budget, so paying premium prices for convenience is usually out of the question. I am always looking for good deals on things that make life easier!

  • Love walmart pickup! And when they left an item out of my order, their customer service rep was top notch in resolving the problem. Would love to try shipyard! 🙂

  • I love, love, love Walmart Grocery Pickup! Not only does it save time and money (no impulse buys), I now menu plan and we tend to eat healthier.

  • I have tried the Walmart pick up and LOVE it. It’s so nice to just drive up and have your groceries carried out to your car with out ever going in. I would however love to try the shipped grocery delivery from publix.

  • I’ve tried Walmart grocery pickup and it’s worked great so far. Never tried any of the others. I would love to win this giveaway!

  • Have used Walmart pickup several times and love it. I try to use the pickup place on Nance as it’s less busy than the superstores. 🙂 Would love to try Dish and didn’t even know about Publix.

  • I’m interested and co corned for my mother lives in Huntsville and is in 80’s . She can barely get around to prepare food. Is there any any program for seniors with health prepared meals. Here in California we have mommy
    Meals. Please help me find resources to help my mother.

    • Have you contacted the Huntsville Senior Center? I know their Meals On Wheels program is great.

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