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Homeschooling in Huntsville Greatest Hits, Part 2

Homeschooling in Huntsville Greatest Hits, Part 2

Kids all over Huntsville are back at school, but most of the homeschoolers I know won’t officially start back until September. Why? Because there’s still some time to be had at the pool, at the beach, and at favorite activities – all without the usual summer crowds.

Flexible schedules are just one perk of homeschooling. Another perk is this great list of resources EVERY local homeschooler (or aspiring homeschooler) needs to make your new school year the best it can be.

First stop: The Ultimate List of Huntsville Homeschool Resources  – this “Greatest Hits” list was made possible by our friends over at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center who, coincidentally, are hosting some GREAT programs just for homeschoolers this year! Learn more and sign up here.

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Homeschooling: Getting Started

Probably the most asked question I hear is How do I even start? The articles listed below will help you begin that process and addresses the legalities for the state of Alabama and best practices from experienced homeschoolers.

Rolypoly Hunting
Rolypoly Hunting

Overcoming Homeschooling Hurdles

While it’s gaining more traction, homeschooling is currently not a mainstream approach to education. Which means when you hit a brick wall it can be harder to find a way around it. The articles below address issues like motivation, combating stereotypes, and more.

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Huntsville Homeschooling Families

Want to get a peek at how other local families do it? We interviewed homeschooling students and parents about the things that work for them.

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Ready, Set, Kindergarten!

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The Resource List

Even more awesome resources for homeschoolers.

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