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Parent Review: Saturday Scientists

Parent Review: Saturday Scientists

Did you know that the U.S. Space and Rocket Center has Saturday Scientists classes every 2nd Saturday of the month? Even better the classes are included in the price of a general admission ticket to the Rocket Center or free if you have an annual pass!

This month’s class was all about Bacteria & Germs. I have a 6 year old and he absolutely loved it! I was extremely impressed with how interactive and creative the presentation was. The teacher obviously had a knack for working with kids. He was animated and held the kids attention incredibly well!

Saturday Scientist hands on

We started the class talking about how germs spread (tossing a ball around the room) and then on to micro-organisms (using a piece of candy). Viruses were illustrated by popping a water balloon and fungi were linked mushrooms.

Keeping your teeth clean so bacteria doesn’t “get out of hand”, the different kinds of mold, good vs. bad bacteria, and how to avoid food poisoning kept the kids engaged and interested until they got to get some official hands-on scientist experience! Noses, mouths and ears were “sampled” and kids got to take home a petri dish to watch their very own germs GROW!

Saturday Scientists swab

Location: The classroom was in the Davidson Center in the first floor classroom at the US Space and Rocket Center. It was a bright and clean space, a perfect place to learn in with plenty of room and supplies for everyone.

Cost: The class is free with a general admission ticket or an annual pass.

Age Recommendation: Ages 6-10 (although I personally found it very interesting and entertaining so I am sure there are kids older than 10 that would really enjoy it)

Time: The class started promptly at 11:30 and lasted right around 60 minutes. The teacher was also very willing to stay and answer questions after the class.

Saturday Scientists Schedule

These classes will happen the second Saturday of every month and will cover a wide variety of topics. Here is the line up for the rest of 2016! More details here.

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Saturday Scientist kids

Parent Pro-Tips

The classes start at 11:30 but I would plan on getting to the Rocket Center around 11:00 at the latest. The Davidson Center is at the opposite end from where you get your tickets and I have yet to be able to walk through the Rocket Center with kids without having to stop numerous times to look at something new! My kids love the rocket center so “rushing” through the first building is pretty challenging.Saturday scientist sign

I didn’t have all of my kids with me (I have 4) but if you are a parent of multiple children the way the classroom was set up and the space right outside of the classroom would make it possible to step out with young ones if they got restless while still keeping an eye on older ones through the glass.

I will highly recommend these classes to my friends based on our experience. I am really impressed with the quality of teaching and that there was no additional cost for current US Space and Rocket Center members. If you have an aspiring scientist or even a child that doesn’t think science is very “cool” then I would suggest that this is the place to bring them for a new view on how fun science can be!


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