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Declutter Your Family’s Shoe Closet

Declutter Your Family’s Shoe Closet

Happy New Year! I’ve been focusing on needed goals for 2015, as many of you are. My goal is to reboot home organization and cleaning flow for the year. I’m reminded of the popular 2014 Frozen song… “Let it GO” we’ve sung it over & over again and now it has new meaning. We’ve accumulated so much stuff in the past year; definitely time to ramp-up & ‘Let Clutter Go’!!

At the beginning of January, I was able to do a massive THREE day purge, no cooking, cleaning, or driving – just purging. Luckily I was able to target specific areas which needed attention, mainly in the bedrooms. I noticed SHOES were an issue, so Week 2 was dedicated to creating ways we could easily control day-to-day shoe usage …keeping bedroom space looking tidy & clean. The following are the project ideas.

#1 – A Keepsake Turned Storage Solution

This doll house has been put to great use over the years. A dear friend passed it along to our girls and it’s at least 10 years old. It’s been a special imagination playtime home; creating memorable moments shared among three sisters. While purging, there was a bit of a tug-a-war… “Letting Go” seemed too final so it made sense to give this keepsake a make over & a purpose.

Before & After!
Before & After!

Two coats of paint gave this much loved wooden house a fresh take on life. We inserted clear cutting sheets which displays shoes nicely and not hinder the paint job.

Presto - instant shoe storage!
Presto – instant shoe storage!

My growing pre-teen LOVES the new look and functionality of the house. She can still enjoy this treasured keep-sake as she approaches teen years.

Project Cost: Doll house Free (re-purposed), Cutting Sheets $1 at Dollar Tree for two sheets

#2 – Industrial Storage: Shoe Locker

This locker was stuck out in the garage, collecting dust with no designated purpose at all. A good cleaning and a couple of coats of black matte spray paint gave it new life.

Before & After!
Before & After!

With the addition of a vertical hanging shoe organizer, a hanger and heavy duty clips to hold and mount boots, this locker was transformed into a functional shoe storage option.


Project Cost: Locker Free (re-purposed), Hanging Shoe Organizer $5.87 at Walmart

#3 – Bookshelf turned Shoe Storage Bench

Step #1: Installation – This small book shelf was very easy to put together – no power tools required!! If I could build it, anyone can!! Took about 30 minutes and I love it!

BookshelfBefore500 FINAL


Step #2: Invert book shelf and add storage options. Install feet for height (optional)


Step #3: The extras – Add seat cushion and pillow for a finished look (optional)


Project Cost: Book Shelf under $25 at Target, Wooden Feet under $3 each

#4 – Smart Carousel Organizer

I needed a little something more comprehensive to organize my gear. Found this gem at Wal-mart; it’s perfect for the items I need to store. The mechanism is very simple and easy to install and it took less than 5 minutes.


It doesn’t look like it, but this organizer holds 16 pairs of shoes, 8 purses…(I’m not a big purse girl, so this is over kill for me but I like the option) also holds 2 pairs of boots, at the bottom, has 4 additional pockets in the back and spins 360 degrees!


Project Cost: Organizer $14.88 at Walmart

#5 – Old Chest Designated Shoe Drop

Having a solution for shoes at the entry way helps catch those shoes that may find themselves in the living room or kitchen. We use this old chest which sits by the front door aimed to catch the shoes of tired adults who’s looking to change into ‘comfort’ shoes.


Project Cost: Old Chest Free

To cut down on the day-to-day shoe clutter, constructing an option for each ‘prominent’ room helps shave off some of the disarray. Hidden storage options are great; especially when life happens and the busy-ness turns up.

Would you like to see more shoe storage ideas? I’ve compiled some of my best top picks here, 12 Clever Shoe Storage Ideas: Creative, Repurposed, Functional Solutions.

Now that Week 1 & 2 is behind us, what are some of your goals for Week 3 & 4 in January? I’m continuing to De-Clutter (…it’s a journey) and Paper Organization.

Good luck with Week 3 & 4!



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