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Putting the Art Into STEM

Putting the Art Into STEM

Walk across a large pool of Oobleck.

Battle futuristic space aliens using catapults.

Make art using a robotic paintball gun.

Create your own piezo-based amplified instruments.

View physics in action through slow-motion videography.

See an in-progress, full-scale reproduction of the Millenium Falcon created using a CNC machine.

[sws_pullquote_right] Want to see 3-D printing in action? Curious how a Rupert’s Drop works? Then come to STE(A)M Fest on Saturday![/sws_pullquote_right]

If any of this sounds as awesome to you as it does to us you simply must be at STE(A)M Fest this Saturday! For the first time ever, Huntsville is celebrating everything cool about Science, Technology, Engineering, (Art), and Mathematics in one big family-friendly event that will be educational for students of all ages! From noon to 4pm there will be demonstrations and hands-on activities from professional engineers, scientists, roboticists and more.

In addition to these hi-tech lessons, several local artists will demonstrate how STEM subjects are used practically in their professions, in mediums ranging from ceramics to puppetry to blown glass and more. Whether your children are fully-invested geeks or the kind of kids who ask “When will I ever USE this stuff they teach me?”, they are sure to have their eyes opened to the beauty and usefulness of math and science at this free event.

Think STEM education has to be dry and boring? Think again!
Think STEM education has to be dry and boring? Think again!

The Big Idea

The idea for STE(A)M Fest came about from a local group Dustin Timbrook started at Lowe Mill called the Huntsville Artist Engineer Network.

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“While discussing one of our ideas for a project involving a robotic paintball gun, Phillip Kovaks from UAHuntsville pointed out that it was the exact kind of fusion of technology and art that would get young people excited about learning STEM subjects. We originally planned on the event being an opportunity to display the paintball “printer”, but soon realized that there was so much more our local engineering, educational, and creative communities could share with students.

Since that moment STE(A)M Fest’s scope has grown and grown, and the response from professional adults wishing to volunteer to share lessons has been overwhelming. We at Lowe Mill are are incredibly excited that this event has so much momentum in just its first year, and I’m sure our friends at UAH and Huntsville City Schools feel the same way!”


STE(A)M Fest
Where: Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment (map)
When: Saturday, April 12 from Noon – 4:00 PM
Cost: FREE
Ages: All Ages – kids AND their adults will have a blast!
More Info: STE(A)M Fest Website



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  • Thanks for the support!

    This is going to be an amazing event, and I hope kids of all ages come out. We will also have a virtual reality demo that participants will be able to experience. It is the Oculus Rift platform that Facebook recently purchased.

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