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Huntsville To Go: A Parent’s Guide to Food Trucks

Huntsville To Go: A Parent’s Guide to Food Trucks

Many of you local newbies will not remember when Huntsville’s ONLY food truck options were Taqueria El Cazadore (now offering two locations) and Happy Tummy which operated out of a small get-up behind Lowe Mill. As a Huntsville Native, I recall the novelty of these trucks and feeling like I was doing something very special by eating there.

Well, times change. Happy Tummy moved inside Lowe Mill Years ago paving an opening for Chef Will The Palete outside Lowe Mill. Both of these eateries offer fresh, tasty, healthy fare that won’t break the bank. I’m keeping Happy Tummy in this article even though it has a permanent spot indoors, because I believe Catherine Shearer, owner and chef, paved the way for truck eateries in our town. I admit, I love all of the offerings, but the Craisy Chicken sandwich is a regular go-to for me. At $5, it is satisfying and affordable. In addition to her sandwiches, I love that the kids can get healthy snacks of pita chips and hummus and Catherine’s special trail mix. Chef Will calls Lowe Mill home but keep an eye out for him at Greene Street Market as well. You can pick up a delightful dish with unique ingredients like plantains, quinoa, and curry!

“When you eat at the food trucks, you support local businesses.”

It wasn’t long after the Happy Tummy shift to inside Lowe Mill that food trucks began popping up and establishing themselves. Recently, the trucks and the city coordinated an All American Food Truck and Craft Beer Rally in Huntsville. While the trucks have their own operating schedules, locations, and offerings, this rally, held outside the South Hall of the Von Braun Center at the close of the AUSA (Association of the United States Army) Conference, gave Huntsvillians and visitors alike a chance to sample the different trucks.

In attendance were Badd Newz BBQ, Crave Heat, Dallas Mill Deli, Food Fighters Bustaurant, On-On Tacos, and Sugar Belle cupcakes. The rally also boasted some of Huntsville’s finest and brightest breweries. Needless to say, the rally was fun and drew a crowd. There were a few logistic issues that need to be addressed for the next event, but nothing that can’t be overcome. The live music and opportunity to sample delicious eats and drinks were great.

Street Food Season is coming up via Downtown Huntsville, Inc.!
Save the Dates – Street Food Season is coming up via Downtown Huntsville, Inc.!

What We Ate

On that particular night, my children chose a hamburger and hot dog with chips from the Dallas Mill Deli truck (DMD is a permanent fixture on Pratt Avenue but their truck can be seen out at events like this and the art strolls, etc.). They also scored a huge fruit bowl. Adam and I noshed on the fish and carne asada tacos from Crave Heat and we were not disappointed. MMMMMMM tacos!

After drinks and cupcakes from Sugar Belle (we sampled the maple bacon and chocolate salted caramel), we came out at a total of about $42 spent. This is roughly what we spend at a sit down restaurant, but we had fresh air, lots of friends nearby, and were supporting local business. I want to just say that again, because that last piece is a big deal, when you eat at the food trucks, you support local businesses.

We had friends join us that sampled the “AWESOME JUANTONS!!” from Crave Heat and said, “This fried delight is a one-of-a-kind Mexican wonton filled with chicken & cheese! I loved the soft, flaky, crispy, yummy warm outside crust with perfectly seasoned shredded chicken with tons of melted cheese inside. Totally & highly recommend getting them.”

CraveHeat gets extra kid-friendly points for providing old-school video games while you wait for your grub!
CraveHeat gets extra kid-friendly points for providing old-school video games while you wait for your grub!

I wish I could have sampled ALL of the trucks. We’ve eaten On-On outside of Blue Pants Brewery before. Kids can’t go in the brewery, but, with warmer weather, mom and dad can score a fresh brew from inside (if that is your persuasion) and then everyone can sit outside the shop at picnic tables. The kids might even talk you into a post dinner visit to Kidventure (walking distance) to burn off the food. On-On has some paleo bowl offerings as well for folks catering allergies.

We’ve also had burgers and dogs from the Bustaurant, and not only was the food DELICIOUS, we got away cheap. We tried them when they came out for a PTA meeting at our school. (A great draw & sneaky way to get parent participation at meetings!) The Bustaurant came out and folks gladly partook that night!

Again, all of the truck options offer a variety of fresh and local foods and give families the option of easy and affordable take out, keep the kitchen clean, but eat in the comfort of home. With the warmer weather approaching, pick up some truck food and head to a local park or attraction. You just cannot miss.

Food Truck List

Badd Newz BBQ
Big Foot’s Little Donuts
Blue Pantry (Blue Pants Brewery spin off truck offering American fare)
Crave Heat
CraveIce (sister truck to CraveHeat that offers Texas-style Sno-cones)
Dallas Mill Deli
Earth & Stone Fired Pizza
East Texas Pit BBQ
Food Fighters Bustaurant
Ice Works of Huntsville
Neon Lilly
On-On Tacos
The Peppered Pig
Sugar Belle cupcakes

Always be sure to call ahead or check online for hours of operation and location. Remember, this is food ON THE GO and one of our FAVORITE family food options! Bon Appetite!


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  • Kid’s Market invited Crave Heat to come by during the Spring sale, and it was a terrific success. But I gotta say, having a food truck at the PTA meeting is a stroke of genius!

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