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Why We Bought Season Tickets to Fantasy Playhouse Children’s Theater

Why We Bought Season Tickets to Fantasy Playhouse Children’s Theater

I kind of feel like I don’t need to write this post. The picture above speaks for itself and really, what parent doesn’t want to make their child that excited about books and theater?

Our First Play

Watching my oldest, now 5 years old, become a “big girl” has been exciting and terrifying at the same time. It’s been difficult for me to watch her grow and know that we are leaving the baby years behind but one thing that has helped me to cope is getting to share new experiences that she is finally old enough to enjoy. We are tearing through children’s classics like Little House on the Prairie and Charlotte’s Web and this spring we enjoyed another EB White classic – Stuart Little.

[sws_pullquote_left]For little more than it costs to buy a movie ticket, you can see a live performance of a play. [/sws_pullquote_left] So imagine how excited I was when I saw that Fantasy Playhouse Children’s Theater was putting on a production of Stuart Little. I knew that seeing something “in real life” that we had just spent weeks reading at bedtime would be a great way to introduce her to live theater. We went on a special mommy/daughter date and had a wonderful time. She especially enjoyed meeting the cast afterward and getting to talk to her favorite character (Margalo, of course).

The production, like all FPCT productions, was perfect for all ages and kept children as young as three entertained while still having something for older kids and adults as well. Productions include both adult and child actors and are extremely professionally done – this is not your school play.

It’s Like Saying “Keep Up the Good Work”

All summer she kept asking when we were going to see another play. She mentioned it so often that as soon as the 2013-14 season was announced, I knew we had to buy season tickets. They make the most sense financially and are a great way to show support both for Fantasy Playhouse and the arts in Huntsville. Having lived in many different towns in the last 10 years, I can attest to the fact that Huntsville is lucky to have this great resource for kids.

Tickets are $36 per person for the main three plays plus $20 (adult) or $14 (17 and under) for A Christmas Carol. That means that for little more than it costs to buy a movie ticket, you can see a live performance of a play. Plus, season ticket holders get to pick their seats in advance and once you find that perfect seat, you can keep sitting there show after show, season after season 🙂

The 2013-14 Season of Fantasy Playhouse Children's Theater
The 2013-14 Season of Fantasy Playhouse Children’s Theater

This season Fantasy Playhouse is putting on productions of Peter Pan or the Boy Who Would Not Grow Up, The Great Cross Country Race or The Hare and the Tortoise, and Three Fairy Godmothers, along with their annual production of A Christmas Carol. And because they are AWESOME Fantasy Playhouse is giving one lucky RCM family two season tickets to the 2013-14 season (enter below).


Cost: $36 per season ticket
What: Peter Pan, October 11-13 and 18-20
The Great Cross Country Race, February 14-16 and 21-23
Three Fairy Godmothers, April 18-20 and 25-27
More Info:


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  • Great perspective of being costing a little more than a movie ticket for the season pass! That makes it worth trying. Thanks!

  • I missed Stuart Little and am anxiously awaiting the season to start so I can take my son to see all the shows! I would love to win passes!

  • I begain going to Fantasy Playhouse shows when my mom started taking me as a kid in the mid 70’s. They are some of my favorite childhood memories. I was excited when in 2008 I could start taking my own daughter and it’s one of our favorite activities to do together as a family!

  • We would love season passes to these awesome plays!! My 2 oldest kiddos always want to go and my 2 yr old got to see her first this year and is hooked now too.

  • Would love to win. My daughter is in Peter Pan this year! Love this page,it’s my go to for all the info on stuff going on and sports. Thanks Rocket City Mom:)

  • My daughter and I love the play house….All the plays we’ve been to have been great.

  • My kids would love to see a play. I’ve been eagerly waiting for them to be old enough to enjoy it.

  • This is something I definitely want to do with my boys. We took our oldest to see “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” at Grissom 2 years ago and he LOVED it. With two younger boys we haven’t made it to any other plays since, but now they are all getting old enough to enjoy the experience.

  • I would love to win this! My son would love some mommy and son time away from his new baby sister. I know he will love seeing Peter Pan!

  • I love the Fantasy Playhouse! I haven’t had the chance to take my son yet, but I think he would love it too. 🙂 What a great line-up for this season. Peter Pan looks awesome!!

  • I want to take my son to see Peter Pan! He loves the story and I think he would love the play.

  • My eight year old has the biggest imagination and I would love to spark her interest in the theater. Thanks for the great opportunity….luv your site!

  • What a great way to keep those little imaginations growing! This is something all of my children, ranging from 15 to 3, can enjoy.

  • I love theatre! My youngest is so dramatic I just know she’d love to see some plays 🙂

  • Great reminder to get my season tickets ordered! My daughter was a bit too young last year, but I think she’ll LOVE it this year!

  • Thanks for posting this…the season looks fabulous! I think my daughter and I would love to go to the theater together!

  • My daughter would love to see Peter Pan and The Three Fairy Godmothers.

  • We took my oldest to the last play of the 2011-12 season and he LOVED it. I’ve been thinking about buying season tickets for both of my kids this year (the youngest is finally old enough), but finances are a bit tight. Winning 2 passes would make buying a 3rd much more realistic!

  • My kids are just getting to the age where they appreciate the theater. We took the oldest to Wizard of Oz last year, and both of them to see Shivers @ Burritt this month. They are quite and attentive and they LOVE it! We would really love to be able to take them to Fantasy Playhouse for every show!

  • Fantasy playhouse sounds great! Thanks for posting about it…we will definitely check it out!

  • I never knew these plays were so well done. We have not been to one yet. We’ll be putting it on the list now for sure.

  • I didn’t even know Huntsville had something like this. My daughters would love it.

  • I’ve been thinking that my 3 and 4 year old kids are about the right age to start seeing plays. You just sealed the deal! We’ll be going to at least one this season. Thanks for the review!

  • We love seeing plays, and Fantasy definitely knows how to do them family friendly!

  • What an amazing opportunity to get young children interested in theatre & a wonderful way to support children & youth who are participating in it!

  • This is great! I loved going to Fantasy Playhouse when I was little and can’t wait to take my kids too.

  • My children LOVE plays! Thanks for reminding us about this and posting what they are showing!

  • What a wonderful experience would be!! My kids would be so psyched. (Me Too!)

  • I would love to win season tickets! My daughter LOVES going to Fantasy Playhouse. She gets so excited getting autographs and pictures at the end of the show! She recently got upset when we went to a play by a different group, and the cast didn’t come out at the end to meet the audience. 🙂

    • we have a young “drama queen” who would love to see some fantasy playhouse shows!

  • My daughter would LOVE to see all these plays!!! I loved Fantasy Playhouse when I was a kid…I know my daughter would love it too!!

  • Love the Playhouse and am so excited that my little girl is big enough to enjoy it now too!

  • We are new to the area and had not heard of the playhouse yet. Looking forward to checking it out!

  • Looks like a great season!! Can’t wait to take my tween to something!! She’s too cool for anything, but once you get in and get settled, she gets excited and it’s so fun to watch her watching the plays!!

  • My daughter and I saw Stuart Little, and she loved every minute. She keeps reminding me that Fantasy & Fantasy Junior invited us back in October for Peter Pan!

  • Don’t forget about the wonderful classes at Fantasy if you have a little drama queen or king on your hands! We’d love season tickets!

  • As a new home school Mom- this would be great for my daughter! W loved the Christmas Carol last year and would love to see more performances

  • One of our bonding ways with my kids is to watch children theater plays, it give us great experience and we discuss it after the show. 🙂 Looking forward on this.

    • Not yet. I pulled the winner a little late and have emailed them. If I don’t hear from them by the end of the day tomorrow, I’ll pull a new winner.

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