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Earlyworks Summer Fun Family Pass

Earlyworks Summer Fun Family Pass

Looking for some fun OUT of the sun? If this Alabama summer is starting to feel just a little too hot to handle, check out the EarlyWorks Family of Museums summer fun family pass! Each pass gives you general admission for four people into all three museums and it can be any four people when you go! That means you could take the whole family on the weekend and during the week throw together an impromptu playdate. The passes are $49 and are good through Labor Day.

EW_SummerFun_2If you decide to keep the fun going all year, the pass gets you $25 off of their annual family membership, which is normally $75. Summer passes must be purchased online. There are lots of special summer activities planned at each of the three museums, including scavenger hunts, make and take crafts, campfire takes with smores, games, painting, Lego Day, fire trucks, and much more! Visit their Facebook page and website for more information!

If you’ve never been before and are wondering if this might be a good fit for your child, read our parent review of the Earlyworks museum. Wanna win a pass for your family? Enter our drawing below and then CHECK YOUR EMAIL next Tuesday to see if you’ll be hanging out in the history section this summer.

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Cost: $49 (good until Labor Day)
Admits: 4
Good for all three (3) museums listed below during normal operating hours:

EarlyWorks Children’s History Museum
404 Madison Street, Huntsville AL
Monday-Saturday 9am-4pm

See Also

Huntsville Depot & Museum
320 Church Street, Huntsville AL
Monday-Saturday 9am-4pm

Alabama Constitution Village
109 Gates Avenue, Huntsville AL
Monday-Saturday 10am-4pm


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  • We have never been to any of the three museums, but I’m sure my son would have a blast at all of them!

  • We’ve never been to any of these, but I know my three-year-olds would love EarlyWorks.

  • We’ve only been to Early Works so far, but my kids loved it. We’d love to visit the other two!

  • This would be fun. I took the girls one time with my family, although the price seems pretty high. For a 3 yr old and a 4 yr old and 3 adults it cost us almost $60 to get in. My girls had a great time, but at that price I cannot afford to take them hardly at all. Would love a chance to win this and be able to provide them with some great fun and learning experiences this summer.

  • Forgot to mention I have only been to Early Works and down to constitution village at Christmas. However, I know my kids would enjoy them all and would really like them to get to see the depot.

  • This is our first summer here and my daughter is on a mission to go to the Train Depot and see the tree at earlyworks! Here’s hoping she gets the chance!

  • I’ve never been but I’d take my sweet girls with me! Is it age appropriate for 2/3 year olds?

  • We used to have a membership to Early Works; I love to bring my 2 kids aged 2 years and 5 years and they’re favorite museum in the park is the TrainDepot.

  • We’ve been to the depot once but need to go back! My 3 year old son and 1 year old daughter would have a blast at all of the museums.

  • Sounds like a great deal! We’ve done the train depot but only been to Early Works for bday parties and Constitution Hall Village at Christmas.

  • I haven’t been since I was younger, but I would love to take my three kids to the museum!

  • We have never been to any of the EarlyWorks Museums. I would take my kids, including my nephew who is here for the whole month of July and part of August!

  • We have never been to any of them. I would carry my husband and three lovely girls.

  • I have only been to Early Works and that was years ago. Excited to take my boys.

  • We enjoy all of the museums! We would love to win. I have 3 boys that would be so excited!!!

  • We have never been to the EarlyWorks museum. I would love to take my 5 year old son – he would have a blast!

  • We have only been to Constitution village. We would love to visit the others!

  • I’ve only visited Constitution village. I would love to visit the others and I’m sure my girls would love them all.

  • This would be a great summer activity for my kids. We are all getting bored of the things in our summer rotation.

  • We have never been to any of the muesems but my son would love it I bet!!

  • I have been to the Village a long time ago (like 5th or 6th grade). One of my kids and I went to the depot. I don’t think we have been to Earlyworks. 😀

  • Constitution village when it’s Santa’s Village. We’ve never been to the train depot, but would love to go.

  • My sweet guys (ages 4, 3, and 1) would adore a pass to Earlyworks! I have been before, but only to a wedding reception, so I didn’t get to play.

  • We’ve been once, and my daughter loved it! I’m sure she’d enjoy it more now that she’s a little older.

  • We’ve only been to Earlyworks. I would love to take my kids to all three.

  • We have never been to Earlyworks before! It looks like a lot of fun :).

  • We love EarlyWorks!!! If I win I will give the passes to my sisters family. I have our passes but she cannot afford tickets this year due to job loss. This would absolutely make her day. Then my family and her family could all go together!!

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