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That Mythical Thing Called Date Night

That Mythical Thing Called Date Night

Like unicorns, hot sparkly vampires, and bipartisan politicians, many couples categorize the elusive Date Night as a mythical thing, rarely (if ever) seen.

Some of these couples are new in town, and don’t have a regular sitter they can rely on. Others feel they can’t afford to indulge in a night away from the kids, or have dinner at a nice restaurant with nary a chicken nugget in sight, just so they can play “What’s Their Story”.

But a recent report from the National Marriage Project makes a good case on how you can’t afford NOT to schedule regular Alone Time with your significant other.

“The Date Night Opportunity” concludes that couples who spend quality time together at least once a week were 3.5 times happier in their overall marriage; “In order to strengthen families, for the sake of both adults and their offspring, couples are going to need more help to make their relationships work.”

Enter: Date Night. According to the report, making them a priority can strengthen your relationship in the following ways:

  1. Communication
  2. Novelty
  3. Eros (Romance)
  4. Commitment
  5. De-Stress

The beauty of it is, all this QT doesn’t have to consist of a swanky dinner and a movie every week – ducking out for a brief nature hike together or chatting on the porch alone after the kids go to bed totally counts. The trick is mixing up high-energy dates with low-energy dates to keep things interesting (and affordable).

Being creative and daring to venture outside your comfort zone is also required every now and then. Go roller skating or bowling. Catch a local show or comedy night at Lowe Mill. Just be sure whatever you do, you’re doing it TOGETHER. No heading to Bridge Street and splitting up between DSW and Barnes & Noble allowed. And NO kids – if you haven’t tried them already, we recommend Rocket City Sitters.

So… 16 days until Valentine’s Day, and Rocket City Mom wants to make it easier for you to be 3.5 times happier in your marriage or relationship. That’s why we partnered with Homewood Suites in the Village of Providence for a romantic overnight stay to help you reconnect to your sweetie pie! You can enter to win below one of their Sweetheart Packages that includes: an overnight stay for two in one of their luxurious King studio suites; two complimentary bathrobes; a box of gourmet chocolates; savory hot breakfast for two; and a late 1:00 PM check-out so you can sleep in. We’ll draw a winner on Friday, February 8th.

(Don’t want to let this deal get by you in case you don’t win? You can ensure you get this Date Night for $139 just by calling 256-895-9511 and asking for the “Rocket City Mom Valentine Package”.)

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    • We were having some trouble with Rafflecopter but it should be working now. Were you able to enter?

    • I can’t recommend Rocket City Sitters enough. They have saved many a marriage in town. 🙂

      • I was so sad when I got the email that RCS was going out of business, and now they’re back!!
        I also want to shout out that some local businesses do “Parent Night Outs” which my DH and I often take advantage of. We love Alabama Kidnastics, they do different age ranges (there is one this weekend!). It’s much cheaper than getting a sitter all night. We often will drop the kids off, go rent a movie and head home, LOL.

  • This is a great way to address a current problem in our society. We have come so consumed with work, society expectations and our overpacked kids activity schedules that we have made our relationship with our lover often the last thing on our to do list! Aside from the obvious problems with this, it presents an issue I often think about. With divorces on the rise, parents having boyfriends/girlfriends, single parent homes, ect….how will our children learn to build a home of their own one day. They learn by example and guidance….love between adults is learned, how we treat our spouse, the way we run our family is the building block for how our children begin to learn to do things when they grow up! If a sitter is not in the budget consider switching out with a neighbor or friend. Watch eachothers children for the couples to enjoy dinner sans kids!

    • I agree. I also think mothers, especially young or first-time mothers, feel like they have to play the martyr in order to be a “good mother”. If you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of the little one(s), and they need to see a good relationship model more than ever these days.

  • Love this article. My favorite parts are the chicken nuggets and the no splitting up between DSW & Barnes and Noble!! Describes us to a ‘T’.
    I agree with Melika, this is the problem with society today.

  • This would be so great to win! Have not had a night away from the kids in over 4 years!

  • We try to get a date night every few weeks. Weekly is tough, but it’s a good goal to shoot for!

  • Oh yeah, totally agree. When my kids were little, my husband and I made it a point to spend time together a lot. The key for us was not to get so worked up over it. I remember one time getting in the car for our “date night” with the husband and he asked, “So, where would you like to go?” I replied with, “We could go to the grocery store for all I care, we are alone and that is all that counts.” We also considered our date nights right at home where we’d put the kids to bed and then we’d get all settled in to watch a movie rental. Remember those movie rental places we used to have? Before On Demand and Netflix.

  • Date night is essential to marriage if you have kids or not. Without it all your talks will be about little tommy wipped his own butt today. My husband and I would love to win this!! Well he will be excited hen I tell him I entered anyway lol

    • VERY true! It’s so easy to get resentful and worn out without them.

    • I know, Amy – you’re probably more concerned with showering and sleeping at the moment! But once you get your routine down, set a date to reconnect with your significant other, even if it’s a few weeks in advance. It will give you both something to look forward to!

      • Welcome to motherhood Amy! It is a learning process in all ways. Being a mom is the most rewarding job we can have, but remember to rejuvenate and reconnect! You will be a better mother for it! If you have an infant this may be difficult especially if you are breastfeeding (which I highly recommend as a nurse and mother). If you can not get out of the house, buy yourself some beautiful flowers, light a candle and take two hours to connect with your sweetie on the couch!

  • How a date night would be so wonderful!!! We have not been on a date with out kids in over 2 years.

  • I can honestly say I don’t remember ever having a true date night after our first (so 14 years). And with 3 kiddos, youngest being 19 months, and crazy workschedules, evenings out centered around work or a to do list. This sounds like a dream!

  • I agree! We totally love date nights, but it is so hard to make it happen. I was glad to hear that alone time at home after the kids are in bed counts too. We frequently do that and destress/talk/watch tv/eat popcorn, etc. We have a lot of fun together!

  • I couldn’t make it without a regular night out with my husband! Luckily, we have wonderful grandparents who always help out and watch our boys! With three boys under the age of 6, I couldn’t imagine NOT having date nights! They’re wonderful, needed and make for a much happier mommy:)

  • Great advice! We’re so hyper-focused on the kids – it IS hard to remember to take time for yourselves.

  • I can testify to the necessity of keeping your marriage fresh with regular date nights. I didn’t do that in my first marriage, and we lost complete touch with one another. When I married again, my husband and I agreed that Friday night was “our” night. Some weeks we didn’t have money for dinner and a movie but we could take a walk or sit on the porch and talk. And the rule was: no talk about the kids. We talked about everybing else for that time. Even though our children are on their own now, we still look forward to those Friday nights. We are as in love now as when we married 20 years ago.
    It’s not always easy to schedule those times, but it’s vitally important to keep in touch with one another as adults, rather than mom and dad.

  • I am new to this, but I am already enjoying all the info you share. Especially, about the education expo at Space and Rocket Center this Saturday -February 2, 2013. I have 3 kids that I homeschool plus I am stay at home mom that also attends college to further my education. My 14th Anniversary is February 19th so winning this contest would be a plus. Thanks for bringing this info to Rocket City Mom’s and sharing with all of us who want the very best for our children.

    • Thanks Jennifer! Huge kudos to you for giving your kids (and yourself!) the amazing gift of a good education. Come say hi to us at the Learning Expo Saturday!

  • It’s definitely important to keep dating your spouse even after you get married. I’m thankful that my parents live in town and love watching our son so we can get some time together as a couple.

  • Me and my significant ohter have been together almost 1 year. We are still on cloud 9 with each other. Communication and alone time is critical to our relationship. We each came into the relationship witha child from previous marriages and I work a day job, he works night shift. Alot of my time is spent alone with the kids. We strive very hard to get alone time with each other and tell each other how we are feeling and about what new things are happening in our lives.

  • We are so in need of a date-night! When the parents/grandparents live 5 hours away, it’s hard to get one!

  • The article makes a lot if sense. Since I have been sick for the past year my husband has had to up his load around here. We could really use the time building our relationship.

  • I don’t remember the last real date night we had that was completely child free. My parents live in Wyoming so needless to say I can’t ask for any help from them. It would be a great opportunity for us to kindle our romance again.

  • With a two year old and a 5 month old date night means a night with waking up to feed or snuggle a baby! That would be so nice!

  • Just found rocketcitymoms and what a great resource! Looking forward to all you have to share with us!

  • With four kids, we don’t get as many dates we we would like. This would be a great excuse to make it happen.

  • WE would be completely ELATED to win this!! Date night happens once every few months, but it certainly never lasts all night!

  • We don’t have date nights. We have date afternoons (between naptime and bedtime). We’ve been talking about doing a real date night.

  • Would love to win this date night for me and my hubby! Our date nights are few and far between!

  • Like most parents, I don’t out on dates often enough. We usually have “date night” on the couch watching “Person of Interest” and “Downton Abbey.”

  • This would be such a fun get away for my husband and I. We just had our 3rd baby in Oct. and need a little get away to get some one on one time by ourselves!

  • I guess I am pretty lucky, my mother-in-law will watch all 3 of mine overnight while my hubby and I go out to eat and catch a movie! We try to get out by ourselves at least once a month.

  • Would love to win this. I haven’t ever used RCS even though they’ve sponsored last years Easter Hunt with my Military Wives but we tried Sittercity and every one of them was flaky.

  • I love Rockey City Mom and I really need this. I’m a single mother of 2 children, 28 years old, full time student, full time worker at the library, and 11 weeks ago I had a heart attack. I’m blessed to be here and be back on my feet healthier than ever. I would really love this break! Thanks Rockey City Mom for all the great information you post.

  • Great Article. Communicate and De-stress QT!! I would love to get away with my hubby.

  • My husband is amazing. He lets me get out of town every now and then to go visit my friends. I let him leave town to get away for a couple of days to refresh. However, to actually spend time with my husband in the same room but not at home….hmmm how does that happen? I understand I have two kiddos one is almost 3 and the other is 1 1/2 and they are a truckload of a to do list. There are days when my Damnit Doll gets a lot of use and there are days when my husband comes home and I somehow managed to get the kids in the bath already and dinner is on the table and low and behold the house is clean as well. ( ok it happened once, a girl can dream) I love Rocket City Mom because she finds the things that keep us busy out of the house so I am not going stir crazy inside the house. So regardless if I win the date night of my dreams or not thank you for doing the ground work for me so things are just that bit easier each day!

  • Great Article! We haven’t been on a date in over a year! This would be awesome to win!

  • Date nights are so important to my husband and I, we have one at least once a month! We are so lucky to have my parents watch our little one so often. I encourage all of couple friends to have a date night.

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