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Blue Man Group Invades VBC

Blue Man Group Invades VBC

I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing the infamous Blue Man Group perform twice now, with my first time culminating in my husband’s head encased in a Jello mold on stage with them in Las Vegas. (You don’t ever really forget that kind of thing.)

So I was super excited to hear that the shiny blue pop culture performance artists are now on the road for its first U.S. theatrical tour, and coming to Huntsville, all thanks to Broadway Theatre League! Full of live music, outrageous comedy, wacky technology tricks, and packed with wicked percussion, this is a show that leaves the entire audience in a blissful, euphoric state.

Photo credit: CPaul Kolnik

With no spoken language, the Blue Man Group will mesmerize music lovers of all ages and across all nationalities. The show is recommended for ages 5 and up, but if you bring kids under 10 I’d pack earplugs – it can get pretty loud. If you’re lucky enough to get seats in the front you’ll also need to be aware of the renowned “splatter zone”, guaranteeing you’ll leave with a personal souvenir of neon painted clothes.

The New York Times heralds the show as “One of the most delightful performance pieces ever staged.” E! Entertainment News exclaims, “Blue Man Group is what every live performance aspires to be.” The Baltimore Sun raves, “Blue Man Group packs a wallop. It’s a big, loud, funny, silly, visually arresting production!”


Who: Broadway Theatre League presents Blue Man Group
When: Friday, January 25, 8pm; Saturday, January 26, 2pm & 8pm; Sunday, January 27, 2pm & 7:30pm
Where: Mark C. Smith Concert Hall at the VBC
Why: Because it’s AWESOME
How Much: Tickets range from $37 – $69, details and purchasing options can be found on BTL’s website.


Guess what? We are very excited to partner with Broadway Theatre League to offer a huge giveaway… FOUR TICKETS to the Blue Man Group show on Friday, January 25th at 8:00 PM. Enter to win below – and bring extra socks if you do win. The ones you wear to the show will be rocked off, guaranteed.

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  • I haven’t seen the Blue Man group perform before, but I have heard that it is awesome show!! Would love to see them!

  • I’m so excited that they are coming to HSV! I’ve never seen them, but I’ve always wanted to!!

  • My husband’s birthday is that weekend and it would awesome time surprise him with tickets.

  • My mom and I haven’t seen the show, but her birthday is Jan. 26 and mine is Jan. 23 and this would be an awesome way for us to celebrate together!

  • We have never seen the show and our kids are finally getting old enough to enjoy it.

  • Have always wanted to see the Blue Man Group…but would especially like to watch my grandJoys see the show!!

  • I’ve never seen them perform but my husband is a HUGE fan and would just love to see them, but so would I! πŸ™‚

  • I have never been but it is all my kids talk about. They have watched them online and it would be awesome to take them!

  • Would love to take my daughter to see them! Thanks for the chance πŸ™‚ Love your site too!!

  • I have seen BMG before. I love how energetic it is. I recommend it to anyone!

  • I would love to be able to take my 10 & 8 year old sons to see BMG! They are both big into local theater and this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for them!!

  • I LOVE Blue Man Group. I’ve seen them perform once in Chicago while with my daughter on a dance trip. My son, Nick, hasn’t ever seen them.

    The show is one of a kind AWESOME!!

  • I haven’t seen the Blue man Group perform, but I would love to take my son to see them.

  • I have never seen them because I don’t think I’ve ever been close enough to attend! I hear their shows are quite the experience!! My husband and I really want to go πŸ™‚

  • I saw the BMG in Orlando! It was a great show! Would LoVe to see them again without traveling πŸ™‚

  • I’ve never seen them perform but would absolutely LOVE to take my lil girl to see them =)

  • I’ve always wanted to see blue man group, but I’ve never gotten the chance.

  • I would love to take my daughter to see the blue man group. I’ve heard they’re amazing!

  • I have not seen them yet.. πŸ™ Im so excited they are coming to Huntsville!

  • I would love to take the grandsons to see the Blue Man Group. I’ve never seen them either so it would be a treat for me too. Thanks!

  • Ahh!! I would love to take the kids to see this! They would loveee it! This looks incredible!

  • I would love to take my husband to see this! He has never seen a play (other than a high school play) and I think this would be a great introduction for him! And I would LOVE to go too!!!!

  • This would perfect for a date night with the hubby and add a couple of friends! Thank you Rocket City!

  • My son would absolutely love to see Blue Man Group (and so would my husband and I)

  • I have never seen Blue Man Group but I did see them on Ellen and it looks like it would be a blast!

  • We love the BMG!!! My husband and I have seen them in las Vegas and I’m hoping to take our 6 year old to see them for the first time.

  • I have never been but always heard great things about the show. Can’t wait to take my kids!

  • My husband and I went to see them here before we had children. There were a lot of kids in the audience then. The show is visually stunning and will keep even young kids engaged. I know my three year old boy would Really enjoy this. His little sister will too but I think the blue man group is perfect for boys. I appreciate the chance to win tickets since we probably won’t be able to afford them on our own.

  • I have never seen them live but I imagine that they are fantastic. Such a cool giveaway! Thanks!

  • So exciting! I hope we win, my brother saw them and said the show is awesome. I could also use it as an excuse to go visit my mom πŸ™‚

  • I have never seen the Blue Man Group but my husband is a huge fan. This would be an awesome anniversary surprise for him.

  • I would LOVE to see them! My husband has been telling me for years about them and at first I thought it was kinda strange…now I am intrigued! Love your site!!

  • I have always wanted to see them. It seems like it would be an awesome experience!

  • we have never seen the blue man group! We sure would love too! sounds like fun!

  • I’ve never been but my family has been discussing going to see this show and it would be awesome to win some tickets so we can actually go! Otherwise probably could never afford it :p

  • I’ve never seen the show, but, would love to go. Jan 25th would be an ideal time to take my husband as that is our wedding anniversary.

  • I’ve never seen the blue man group, but I went to school with a guy who work sound for them in Vegas. It would be cool to see them!

  • I’d love to take my six year old drummer boy…he would be thrilled to see these guys!

  • This would be so much fun for my husband and I. I’ve never seen them live, but they are awesome to watch!

  • We have never seen the BMG but would LOVE to have the chance. Thanks for the contest RCM πŸ™‚ !!!

  • My family would love to see the Blue Man Group. My kids watching them on TV.

  • I’ve never seen BMG perform live, but a former boss saw them on a vacation and showed us bootleg videos he took with his phone. The bits of the show that were visible in between people’s heads and such looked really awesome, and I’d love to see and experience the show without pixellation, wonky exposure, and distorted sound. Well, and because BMG is awesome and DH and I have liked them for a while.

  • I have never been to see the Blue Man Group but have seen them on TV and have talked to people that have seen them live and I have always wanted to go. Plus I could use a night out with my husband and friends and this would be a great opportunity. I would take my daughter but she is one and I am not sure how she would react to all the loud noise.

  • We have always wanted to see the BMG!! It would be a great family experience!

  • I went years ago in Las Vegas …right when they were first making their grand entrance to the scene. Loved it, would love the opportunity to go again.

  • So funny . . . my husband said last night, “Hey, Blue Man Group is coming! Oh, well.”

    “Why ‘Oh, well?'” I asked.

    “It would be awesome to go, and that’s right before your birthday, but I’m sure we wouldn’t be able to afford tickets,” he said.

    My birthday is Feb. 5, but HIS is Feb. 27 – and a surprise early-birthday present would be just the thing!

  • Have always wanted to see this show!!! Thanks to BTL for bringing it here. Hope I get to go!

  • My birthday is Jan. 26 and this would be perfect. My husband and I both love the Blue Man Group but have never been able to see them is person!

  • We really want to go to this show. We’ve never been, but have always meant to!

  • I would love to see the Blue Man Group! This is something that I have always wanted to do, as long as I can remember. It’s definitely up pretty high on my bucket list.

    • Kathy – we can’t enter for you, you have to do it through the Rafflecopter box at the bottom of the post. Hopefully you did that already and this is your comment that makes it official. πŸ™‚

  • My kids & I have never seen them in person but we’ve enjoyed watching their performances online. It would be an awesome experience to be able to take them. Thank you for the opportunity!

  • My oldest and I had the awesome opportunity to see The Blue Man Group in Chicago in 2012. We still laugh over the stories we have from the show!! I don’t think I have ever laughed yelled or clapped that much in my life!! I hope to share the show with the rest of my family some day!!

  • We saw the show two years ago in Florida. It was an amazing show for both my husband and I and our 10 year old son. It shows you a variety of different visuals and keeps you focused during the whole show. We would love to see it again! Thank you!

  • I have never seen Blue Man Group in person. I do have The Complex DVD, and it is awesome! Our anniversary is coming up. This would be a GREAT way to celebrate!

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