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‘Tis the Season to Sparkle

‘Tis the Season to Sparkle

Spruce up your spruce, jazz up your juniper or freshen up your fraser. There’s plenty of ways to make your tree, faux or real, shine a little brighter this holiday season!

I love Christmas trees; all shapes, all sizes, all colors. I love the stories behind the ornaments and the joy trees inspire. We have our family tree that’s a mishmash of macaroni reindeer and Christopher Radko Santas and our white “retro” tree, pictured.

There’s the traditional tinsel — just don’t get it tangled and some mini disco balls can add some glimmer and glamour to your tree. Using Krylon GlitterBlast to add a touch of glitter works well, especially on fake trees — just make sure to spray it outside and let it dry completely.

If you really want to up the sparkle, break out the mirrors and the super glue.

Supplies you’ll need:

Small mirror tiles (any shape will work)
Super glue (I love the kind at the Dollar Tree)
Fishing line
Ornament hooks

For our upstairs “retro” tree, I made about 50 mirrors to hang near the base so I used 100 mirror tiles. All you have to do is pre-cut the fishing line into about two inch lengths, put a dot of super glue on a mirror, loop the fishing line with the open ends in the glue and mush another mirror on top, mirrored sides out of course.

It’s amazing what a little reflection can do!

Floof your branches, if you have a fake tree, making sure to spread them in various directions and put your lights on the tree. I like to weave them in and out the length of the branches rather than just round and round the tree—it gives the lights more depth and sparkle.

Once your lights are on and your mirrors are dry, add an ornament hook and start hanging them on the branches near the base of the tree. Try to hang them so they have room to move and aren’t stuck up against a limb or anything.

The mirrors really reflect the lights and the branches making the tree look fuller and multiplying the appearance of the lights. It can also multiply the appearance of the ornaments.

Another way to use mirrors? Mirror tiles can also be used to make garlands to hang around your tree or to adorn mantles and other things. We hung them from trees and arbors at our wedding and the reflection from candles was lovely.

Still looking for ways to make your tree look fuller? Buy a bunch of cheap green Christmas balls and hang them in the center of the tree to give the illusion of fullness. Staggering ornaments rather than hanging them all from the tips of branches is better for your tree and looks better.

I’d love to see pictures of your family tree so share them on our Facebook page!


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