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A Look Inside: MOMS Club – Madison

A Look Inside: MOMS Club – Madison

The day that the pregnancy test said positive, I started reading everything I could get my hands on about pregnancy and raising a child; that’s how I got the idea to search for a moms group. My reading explained that moms groups are very beneficial to mothers, especially new mommies like me. I mean, who better to get parenting advice from than other mothers? The kids get to play with other kids and at an early age, they learn sharing, how to get along with others, how to handle conflict, and much more. But I can tell you after being a member for a year, the benefits are much, much greater!

So I Googled moms groups and found that there are several different kinds moms groups in the Huntsville/Madison area, giving moms lots of options to find the right group for them. For me, The MOMS Club of Madison – North Chapter included moms that lived nearby and sounded like what I was looking for, so when my son, Dax, was 6 months old, we gave it a test run at a playgroup. The moms were so welcoming and the playgroup was so relaxed and fun that I decided to officially join. And here I am, one year later, catching myself telling all of my pregnant friends and those that already have kids that they need to join this group!

First, there are playgroups, which are broken up by age groups. Then, there are “field trips” a couple of times a month. Past events have included a tour of a local pizza place where the kids made their own little pizzas at the end; a tour of Harvest Feed Mill before Easter where the kids got to pet baby ducks and chicks; blueberry picking at G&N Berry Farm; making chocolate at The Chocolate Crocodile; and a visit to the Lyons Family Farm pumpkin patch. We also make group visits to the Botanical Garden, local parks, neighborhood pools, indoor play areas, and other fun places. And there is a monthly craft day where the kids get to make a really neat craft.

But the fun isn’t just for the kids! Moms get to enjoy mom’s night out dinners, BUNCO, stroller walking club, meet-and-greets with guest speakers, Zumba (with free babysitting), hand-stamped card making, movie night, lunch bunch, and more. And the whole family can have fun at our potlucks, ice cream socials, Easter egg hunt, Christmas party, and family fun days!

There is so much to choose from that I could attend an activity every day of the week if I wanted to! Dax has grown up around other kids and adults, and we are always meeting new people in the club, so he’s never had a problem jumping right in! And since the playgroups are usually held at members’ houses, Dax gets to try out toys before we buy them. I’ve learned so much through casual conversation with the other mommies, from teething tips to potty training to products I never knew existed! And since I’ve only lived here a couple of years, it’s been great to ask for recommendations of doctors, plumbers, hair stylists, and more! I even found a terrific cake lady to make a shower cake! Another added benefit is having homecooked meals brought to you and your family after a hospital stay (great if you’ve just had a baby or surgery)!

I’m so glad that Madison has such a great MOMS Club and I’d encourage any mom to look into the club in her area.

The MOMS Club of Madison-North Chapter currently has over 40 members. For more information, please visit or or email


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  • I was with the same group for 4 years until both my children started school full time last year. We truly enjoyed the time we were involved with the Moms Club of Madison-North Chapter, and all the wonderful friends we have met, many of them we are still in touch with.

  • Thanks for the information! I’ve just looked up and joined my local MOMS club.

    • So glad! We are planning to run information about all the other clubs eventually. They are all fun and a great way to meet other moms and kids in the area.

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