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On the “Air”

It’s Mamma Monday again and I’m so excited I can hardly contain myself. Not only did I just finish talking to a super cool mom but you guys get to hear the whole interview! That’s right, Rocket City Mom is now a podcast in addition to a web site! My favorite part of doing this site has been meeting all the amazing moms in the Huntsville area and what better way to share their stories than by hearing it straight from the horses mouth? And what better way to kick off our inaugural podcast than with the story of a librarian turned roller derby diva?

Stephenie Walker, a.k.a. Bettie Pageturner, is a former Huntsville public librarian and current stay-at-home mom who attended a roller derby bout a few years ago and decided she wanted a piece of the action. Listen to her talk about how she made the transition from bookworm to rink rat and why she thinks roller derby is the perfect outlet for mothers. I think you’ll enjoy her story and I know you’ll learn something new. Then don’t forget to enter our contest to win two season passes to all Dixie Derby Girls home bouts. Since kids 12 and under are already free, that’s like getting a family season pass!

The Rocket City Mom Podcast is Live!

Listen to our first episode here.

If you prefer to listen on your iPod, you should be able to find us on iTunes later this week by searching for Rocket City Mom.


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