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Derby Divas

Derby Divas

Bettie Pageturner

So excited to announce that Rocket City Mom is starting up a podcast (more about that down below) and our very first guest will be a former librarian and current mom who is also one of the illustrious Dixie Derby Girls. The DDGs, in case you haven’t heard of them, are Huntsville’s very own roller derby team and their season is getting ready to start. So to kick off my podcast, I asked Stephenie Walker (a.k.a. Bettie Pageturner) to talk about how she made the journey from Bookworm to Derby Diva. Look for that inaugural podcast to be on the site and on iTunes by Monday (if not before).

Rocket City Mom Podcast

I’ve said it many times here before – I LOVE to talk. I also love to listen and my favorite thing to listen to is a story of an ordinary person who is doing extraordinary things. If you listen close enough, you’ll come to find that everyone has at least one great story, and often they don’t even know it themselves! In my journey to put together this site, I’ve run across several amazing women whose stories I wanted to share in a more personal way. The problem is, no one (including me) wants to read a 15-page article on a website. So the Rocket City Mom Podcast was born.

Each week, I’ll be having conversations with local women and asking them to share their stories, insights, laughter and sometimes tears with you. I hope you’ll find their stories inspiring, I know you’ll find them interesting. I also encourage you to contact me if you know a woman who has a story they are willing to share, or if you just have an idea for a story you’d like to hear. In the coming weeks, I’m planning to interview politicians, teachers, CEOs, inventors, social-workers, police officers, and of course lots of moms. Please contact me with your input and be sure to watch for the announcement that we are on the “air”!


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