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Go Apple Picking at Scott’s Orchard

Go Apple Picking at Scott’s Orchard

If you don’t go apple picking, did you even have a Fall? It is a family favorite Fall activity. Thankfully, Madison County has Scott’s Orchard that offers You-Pick days for your little Johnny Appleseed or Apple Annie.

Scott’s Orchard: Getting There

Each Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday in September and October, Scott’s Orchard allows families to pick apples. Each person who is school-age and above must have a spot.

Save yourself some money and book online for $3/person, or if you make the decision the day of, it’s $5/person at the gate.

You chose between a half a peck for $5 (small basket) or a peck for $8 (large basket) both online and at the gate. At my house, we eat quite a few apples, but with only three people, half-a-peck was plenty.

*Pro-Tip: When you go to book online, it has the dollar amount as $8, but know it’s only $3 per person, and the $8 comes from the apple basket if you chose a peck.

girl picking apples off a tree

Parent Review: What to Expect

When you arrive, someone should be able to help you with parking if the lot is crowded. Because they had people directing everyone where to go, parking was not a problem at all. We also went in the morning when there was less people in the orchard.

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Those picking apples will get in the correct line – pay at the gate or pre-paid online – and get your sticker to allow you access to the orchard. They have wagons that you can carry apples only (no kiddos) for free to use.

children pulling a wagon in a apple orchard

We grabbed a wagon and headed to the trees! At this point, if you have a little one, you may need to set some ground rules. Example: Don’t pick apples off the ground. Don’t pick tiny ones even if they are “reallllllly cuuuuuuttttee”.

It didn’t take any time at all for our crew to fill up the baskets and look past the trees to the new additions that waited just for them.

While one parent watched the kids play and snapped photos, the other one went to the station where the workers wash the apples for you. It was easy and convenient because who doesn’t know a child who would not want to take a bite out of the fruits of their labor before leaving?

washing the apples
The apple washer was pretty cool!

*Pro-Tip: I think it would be difficult to have a stroller or a wheelchair in the apple orchard. The ground is flat, but if it were to rain, it would be hard to maneuver.

Pick. Play. Photos.

Scott’s Orchard has added several activities for Scott’s tots! Kids can jump on a large inflatable apple, play a Plinko-type game, ride trikes, and more. We appreciated being able to do more than pick our apples and go. It made the drive to almost the state line of Tennessee worth it to our family in Madison.

children jumping on the apple pillow

See Also

One of my favorite things about Scott’s Orchard is the number of photo opportunities. Capture all the Fall photos of your family with interactive murals and the apple orchard in the background.

Shop for Slushies and More!

The last stop for our group was in the store. You can buy apples, pick up your slushies, get ice cream, and even try some of their baked goods. They have cider for sale along with caramel apples, cookbooks, and more.

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The store is not huge, so if you are not a fan being around a lot of people, send in one person while the others head back to the car. Cooling off the vehicle and getting the kids buckled up after a fun morning or afternoon of apple picking is a job to itself.

If you have questions, Scott’s Orchard Facebook page is responsive.

children at Scott's Orchard

U-Pick Apples at Scott’s Orchard

When: Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, & Sundays in September & October from 8AM – 4PM
Where: 2163 Scott Road, Hazel Green, AL 35750 (map)
Phone: 256-828-4563
Cost: Admission is $3-5 | Half-peck $7, Full-peck $12
View Website | Scott’s Orchard on Facebook | Instagram



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