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California Street Park: SE

California Street Park: SE

  • Located:708 California Street Huntsville
  • Open one hour before sunrise until one hour after sunset

Located on two acres of land in Downtown Huntsville, California Street Park offers tennis and basketball courts, a playground, restrooms, and a covered pavilion. Despite being central to some of the downtown traffic, the park consists of a nice grassy area that’s great for recreation and picnics.

The playground consists of a nice large plastic play set with swings. Surrounded by mature trees, the park typically has a decent amount of shade. If you live within walking distance or are looking for a park with tennis or basketball, this is a good resource.

Being located right off a major road (California Street) and having a small parking lot, it’s best for parents to be prepared to keep a close watch on their children, especially if they tend to be runners.

This park also offers shade which is hard to come by in most of the area playgrounds and includes a bathroom facility which comes in handy after several hours of play.

Details About California Street Park

Address: 708 California Street Huntsville, AL 35801 (Map)

Hours: Open one hour before sunrise until one hour after sunset

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This review was originally posted in May 2011 and has been updated with the most current information.

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