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Huntsville Weekend Roundup June 26-28

Huntsville Weekend Roundup June 26-28

It’s another weekend in Huntsville, and yes – we are still in quarantine. When Alabama is on a travel advisory list for other states right here in the US, you know things have reached a new level of Covid-19 activity. Thankfully, there are several things on our list below to do in a socially-distant way, as well as things to do from the comfort of your own home.

Just don’t forget your masks if you choose to go out. For real.

huntsville independence day
Click here to plan ahead for the 4th of July events!

Huntsville Weekend Fun (at a safe distance)

  • Channel your kid’s inner Picasso with these take-away art kits for kids. Details
  • Grab your Halloween costume for free cupcakes at Sugar Belle’s Summerween. Details
  • Soak in some history with the family at Constitution Hall Park. Details
  • While you’re downtown hear some Summer Street Jams and local A-list buskers. Details
  • Do some star-gazing at the USSRC’s Intuitive Planetarium. Details
  • Music + BBQ + Drive-in Movie = Pull Up & Park Night! Details
  • Work on this awesome Huntsville Summer Bucket List. Details
  • Slurp a summer peach slushie at Scott’s Orchard. Details
  • Summer Farm Days mean you can pet a sheep, meet a chicken, & groom a mule. Details
  • Rev up your engine at the 4th annual JuneFest Car & Bike Show. Details
  • BEEP! BEEP! It’s time for Microwave Dave Day & a virtual concert! Details
  • Enjoy a drive-in movie at Lowe Mill (PG-13). Details
  • Turn on your heart light & watch E.T. at the MidCity District Drive-In. Details
  • Celebrate America a bit early with live music, food, & fireworks. Details
  • Cool off in one of the splashpads and parks but the rules are slightly new so if that’s in your plans for weekend check our post first. Details
  • The Whimsical Woods is calling, plus it has new social distancing in place. Details
  • The Huntsville Botanical Garden is also open – be sure to read the new rules before heading out. Details
  • Get your fill of fresh fruit and veggies by shopping at various local Farmers Markets. Details
  • Do a tree pose in the park at a Healthy Huntsville yoga session this Saturday. Details
  • Grab the SPF and go creek-stomping. Details
  • Browse local art at Friday Night Art Walks on the Square downtown. Details

So that’s what we know about. Did we miss something cool? Leave in the comments or send us a note at If you have a free/cheap family-friendly event you want added to our calendar feel free to submit anytime but keep in mind we have other jobs too so give us a few days heads up 🙂

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