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Free workshop for all your little energy monsters

Free workshop for all your little energy monsters

If you have ever complained about doors being left open, lights being left on, or the A/C being turned down too low then you might be a parent with your very own energy monsters. 🙂

Instead of wasting spending lots of energy griping at your kids, why not sign them up for this free 1-hour live virtual workshop hosted by the Tennessee Valley Authority and your local utility company? A professional children’s educator will lead this workshop which is being billed as an “energy saving adventure.”

Developing smart energy habits takes work and a lot of reminders. Energy Monsters Watt, Spark, Bolt, Newton, Zap and Breaker will teach kids where energy comes from, the ways we use energy in our lives every day and how they can help their families save energy and money around the house.

It couldn’t hurt and think of how happy Dad will be!

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Who: Ages 3-10
When: June 25 | 10-11AM
Where: Upon registration you’ll receive a link and a code for the Zoom call
More Info:  Register | Facebook Event


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