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Your Summer Bucket Lists Revealed

Your Summer Bucket Lists Revealed

huntsville summer bucket list

Sick and tired of the same old summer activities? Why not get some good ideas to help shake up your family’s summer fun routine? We asked local parents what’s on their Summer Bucket List to help kick start the discussion. We’d love to know what’s on your list in the comments!

One thing is for certain, definitely carve out some time for your kids to be bored this summer. We feel pretty strongly about that, and here’s why.

Isha G.

Kids 20, 17 and 13
We visit our community pool, partake in Cyber Camp, Robotics Camp, Math Camp, JROTC camp and catch most of the matinee summer blockbusters.

Christa L.

Kids ages 10 and 10
we always go to Point Mallard, eat lots of popsicles, and play with friends outdoors!

Deta A.

Kids ages 8 and 13
We always take one big vacation that we save for all year. This year, we are going to Northern California stopping at Yosemite National Park, Calaveras Big Tree State Park, and Lake Tahoe. Due to the miles in between the sites, it will be quite a road trip. We always do a summer learning routine, and this summer my kids surprised me with wanting to learn some Japanese due to their obsession with Japanese Manga and Pokemon. We are using free resources from the internet learn something completely new to all of us.

Benjamin S.

Kids 7 and 9
We swim at the Y everyday
Chattanooga at least twice
Birmingham Zoo
Hiking Green Mountain and Monte Sano
Picnics at the Botanical Gardens daily if possible.

MaryEllen P.

Kids ages 9 and 2
We like to walk a different Nature Trail on Sunday afternoons. Concerts in the Park, Daily swimming, Feed the ducks at Big Spring. We try to hit all the free stuff Huntsville offers!

Mandy P.

Kid, age 7
We always: hit the lake, drive-in movies, bike ride on greenway trails, roast marshmallows and tell stories over a campfire and play outside

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Melika N.

Kids: twins (12)
Lake Winnie, Point Mallard, concerts in the Park and Lowe Mill
This year add six flags 2-3 times because we purchased season passes!

Shellie V.

Kid age 7
Lowe mill
Point Mallard
Swimming anywhere anytime any place
Food trucks

Stephenie W.

Kids ages 10 and 12
We always try to work in a day at Point Mallard water park and do some camping on Monte Sano and Honeycomb in Guntersville. We hit the pool 2x most days!

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