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50 Things to Do This Summer with Kids in Huntsville

50 Things to Do This Summer with Kids in Huntsville

50 things to do this summer with kids in huntsville 2017

With a full summer ahead of you, now is the perfect time to create a giant list of fun activities you want to do with your family. Kids (and adults) will enjoy making the plans almost as much as following through on them.

Here at Rocket City Mom, we asked our readers and writers for their “Must-Dos” and came up with 50 things to do this summer to help inspire you. Most importantly, however you spend your summer, be sure to have lots of fun the summer of 2017!

  1. Catch a free flick in a cool movie theater.
  2. Have some hands-on intergalactic fun at USSRC.
  3. See a stegosaurus in the fern glade of HBG.
  4. Ride the rails with Dad on a real train.
  5. Pan for gold at Burritt.
  6. Go camping on the mountaintop. Monte Sano Collage
  7. Bounce the day away at Pump It Up.
  8. Pet some furry friends during the Dog Days of Summer.
  9. Enjoy a tasty frozen treat with some Huntsville flavor.
  10. Glide on the ice on the hottest day of the year.
  11. Sign up for the Summer Reading Program at the Library.
  12. Taste the freshest Alabama produce any given day of the week.Madison Farmers Market
  13. Cool off at the Everybody Can Play Splashpad.
  14. Play Poohsticks at Creekwood Park.
  15. Ride the cars at the Kiddie Carnival.
  16. Splash in the Children’s Fountain downtown.
  17. Take a little road trip and be back by nightfall.
  18. Drop in and create a masterpiece with your kid. IMG_2151
  19. Float the Flint with your family.
  20. Let your little light shine at Vacation Bible School.
  21. Pick a camp, any camp and broaden some horizons.
  22. Eat the biggest funnel cake you’ve ever seen at the Family Fun Fest.
  23. Fight the summer slide with a workbook or fun game.
  24. Enjoy FREE live music almost any day of the week.
  25. Hang with some horses.
  26. Experience a drive-in movie with your friends.Athens Drive-In
  27. Become a summer potluck ROCKSTAR.
  28. Explore a trail you’ve never been down before.
  29. Flex your creative muscles with some pencils, pottery, painting, or portraits!
  30. Swim like a fish with the help of a few lessons.
  31. Work on your bowling game… for free!
  32. Relax on the Lazy River.
  33. Pack a punch at a free martial arts class.
  34. Got to a concert in the park.
  35. Eat dessert first.
  36. Get Wacky on Wednesdays at the Garden.
  37. Go star-gazing with VBAS.
  38. Let your kids’ imaginations run wild… all day long!
  39. Swim indoors OR outdoors at the YMCA.
  40. Cheer on the home team in blissful air conditioning.
  41. Watch the rocket’s red glare on Independence Day.4thofJuly_spacecampFW
  42. Have a Mom’s Night Out with your gal pals.
  43. Practice your ninja skills at The Matrix.
  44. Go duck hunting in downtown Huntsville or train spotting in downtown Madison.
  45. Launch rockets at NASA In The Park.
  46. Strike a strong Goddess Pose or Plank PoseKids Kingdom Cover 2
  47. Give the kids their own space, or kingdom, at Kids’ Space (HSV) or Kids’ Kingdom (Madison).
  48. Sign the kids up for Star Wars Shakespeare camp.
  49. Treat the kids to a summer jump session.
  50. Have all the fun in Huntsville at your fingertips with the Explore Huntsville App!

Have a GREAT Summer With Your Family!


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