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2017 Family Flick Picks for Winter & Spring

2017 Family Flick Picks for Winter & Spring

New year, new movies! We’ve rounded up a great list of kid’s movies to go see when it’s cold outside. Looking for a theater to watch these flicks? We’ve compiled a list of theaters in Huntsville and more about why you should enjoy movies as a family.

Take a look and see which films pique your interest, and look under “Also Recommended” for other films/books/games you might enjoy. We also like to look up movies before we go see them on Common Sense Media – they offer a great breakdown of almost every aspect of a movie from language, violence levels, and other questions parents might have.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

In Theaters now, Rated PG-13
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Summary: If you haven’t seen it yet, run – don’t walk – to the closest theater with your kid in tow. Set before the events of the original Star Wars Episode IV, a Rebel operative attempts to steal the plans to the Death Star.
Also Recommended: the original trilogy, The Force Awakens, The Clone Wars/Rebels TV shows

Assassin’s Creed

In Theaters now, Rated PG-13
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Summary: From the popular video game series, a man uncovers the memories on his ancient ancestor and discovers he is a descendant of a secret society of Assassins.
Also Recommended: the video game series


In Theaters now, Rated PG
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Summary: A koala bear named Buster hosts a singing competition along with his best friend to drum up business for his failing theatre.
Also Recommended: Son of Rambow

A Monster Calls

In Theaters now, Rated PG-13
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Summary: A boy befriends a tree monster and attempts to cope with his single mom’s terminal illness in this adaptation of the critically acclaimed children’s story.
Also Recommended: the original YA novel

Monster Trucks

In Theaters now, Not Yet Rated
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Summary: What if there was a monster truck that REALLY WAS A MONSTER? A movie based on an idea by a 4 year-old (as if you couldn’t tell…)
Also Recommended: Actual Monster Trucks, Monster Jam

The Red Turtle

In Theaters Jan. 20, Rated PG
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Summary: Co-produced by Studio Ghibli, this dialogue-free film tells the tale of a man shipwrecked on a deserted island and the giant red turtle he meets.
Also Recommended: Ponyo, The Triplets of Belleville

A Dog’s Purpose

In Theaters Jan. 27, Rated PG
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Summary: Based on the novel by W. Bruce Cameron, one devoted dog finds the meaning of his existence through the lives of his human owners.
Also Recommended: Marley & Me, Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

The Lego Batman Movie

In Theaters Feb. 10, Not Yet Rated
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Summary: Batman tangles with the villains of Gotham City but also must deal with the responsibility of raising and training a young boy he adopted.
Also Recommended: The Lego Movie, Batman: The Animated Series

Rock Dog

In Theaters Feb. 24, Rated PG
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Summary: A radio falls from the sky into the hands of a Tibetan Mastiff, who leaves home to become a musician.
Also Recommended: School of Rock, Toy Story 2

Kong: Skull Island

In Theaters Mar. 10, Not Yet Rated
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Summary: King Kong gets rebooted once more as a stranded military unit attempts to escape Skull Island and its giant ape King Kong. Hopefully a Godzilla vs. Kong sequel is in the works!
Also Recommended: the 1962 film King Kong vs. Godzilla

Beauty and the Beast

In Theaters Mar. 17, Not Yet Rated
View Trailer
Summary: A live-action adaptation of the classic fairy-tale about a young woman who falls in love with a monstrous beast.
Also Recommended: the animated 1991 version of Beauty and the Beast

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