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Madison’s New Stuffed Animal Clinic Treats Plush Patients


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Madison’s New Stuffed Animal Clinic Treats Plush Patients

Nicole Adams doesn’t have a medical degree, but she’s opened a new clinic and is scheduling surgeries. Some of her patients are in pretty bad shape – a typical day finds her mending missing eyes, stitching up wounds, and even replacing a few gnawed-on limbs. Nicole is providing a valuable service for children in the Madison, AL area – her Stuffed Animal Clinic is entrusted with some of their most prized possessions.

The Stuffed Animal Clinic Story

Nicole’s grandmother taught her how to sew at an early age, and instilled in her a love for sewing and creating. But it was her own children that inspired her clinic.

“Both of my children love their stuffed animals but my youngest is especially attached to them. While fixing another one of her cherished babies, I started thinking about all the mamas out there that don’t know how to sew. What do they do when their child comes to them crying with a teddy bear with a torn off leg, or half the stuffing hanging out of a favorite baby doll? I have been there, but could always reassure my children that I would doctor them right up and they would be good as new. I wanted to give that to other parents because you have no control over what a child decides to pick as a lovey.”

stuffed animal clinic
Nicole’s favorite part of repairing stuffies is making a child happy!

How to Schedule a Clinic Appointment

If you have a beloved stuffed animal or plush toy that needs to be repaired, it’s pretty easy to schedule an appointment at Nicole’s Madison clinic.

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STEP 1 – Head to the Stuffed Animal Clinic’s Facebook Page.

STEP 2 – Send Nicole a message with details about your stuffie patient. Include your name & contact info, the type of stuffed animal that needs repair, requested drop-off time, and whether or not you would like the Full Service ($15) or just a mending job ($10). Full Service includes the standard mending job, a reusable bandage, a blanket for your stuffed animal to cuddle, a stuffed toy prescription bottle, and a written prescription for lots of hugs and kisses.

STEP 3 – It’s time to drop off your patient! After you contact Nicole with your info, she’ll provide the ER address. Look for the weather-proof drop box at the ER door with sign-in sheets inside. Fill out a form, tie it to your stuffed animal, and then message Nicole to let her know she has a patient in the box.

For the quickest turnaround time, payment is required after scheduling but before drop off. Once the procedure is done and your stuffie patient is in recovery, Nicole will message you for pick up from the drop box.

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Depending on the amount of mending needed, turnaround time is generally 1-2 days, thanks to Nicole’s appointment-only service. She wants to make the process as painless as possible for children that are very attached to their toys. Some children can’t sleep well without their cherished toy, and the very act of being without it can be distressing. Sending a lovey to an imaginary stuffed animal clinic puts kids’ minds at ease – with the added bonus that they will get their stuffed animal back very soon.

Stuffed Animal Clinic Details

Cost: $10-15 | Schedule your appointment

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