The Best of Santa Fail Photos

When we asked to see your sad Santa fail photos and did you ever deliver! You better watch out, your better not cry – these kids met Santa and were DONE.

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Our Favorite Santa Fails

A Lap Full of Tears

Photo Courtesy: Alexis Davis
Photographer: Jennifer Myers
Brantley (1), Paizley (2) and Kathryn 2 months

What’s Sister’s Problem?

Photo Courtesy: Tori Calvert
Wesley (3) and Kendall (1)


Photo Courtesy: Tori Calvert
Photographer: O’Dell Photography
Amelia, age 2

The Cutest Pout That Ever Did Pout

Photo Courtesy: Brittany Smith Chapman
Photographer: 17th + Pear
Cole age 1

Why is Mrs. Claus Crying?

Photo Courtesy: Anna Patterson
Preston, age 2


Photo Courtesy: Laura Bullington
Lucas, 13 months

Turn It Up to Eleven Santa

Photo Courtesy: Amanda Magnusson Jones
Jack (7) Sam *crying* (2) Max (5)

These photos were submitted by local parents whose kids were rescued shortly after the photo was snapped and was ALL about it a moment earlier. See more Epic Santa Fails on our Facebook Page here! #BlessTheirHearts

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