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    • Hi Stephanie – that’s a great question! I know Madison Hospital had a breastfeeding support group for teen moms that often ended up being an all-around support group. I think they might be meeting online now since the pandemic. You can call (256) 265-7296 to ask them. I’ll look around for more!

  • Is the information under Learning Differences Education Exchange and Support (LDEES) still accurate? I emailed Sherri Fowler and got a “Address not found” email. I double checked the email ( I also could not find LDEES info in other areas.

    Thank you for providing this content, btw!

    • That information is likely not accurate anymore. The best place to inquire would be Greengate School (that part is still correct) but they became part of Randolph a few years ago and it’s likely this group changed or has a different contact person.

  • Is there not a group for teens who lost a parent due to an overdose? I have been searching and searching and cannot find anything. Am I missing it or does it just not exist and I should start one? lol

    • Many Thoughts & Prayers –
      request a telephone consultation for The Caring House program, please call (256) 650-1212. After a brief telephone interview, we will arrange a tour and orientation visit where dates and times for participation in the program will be determined.It’s free of charge.

  • Please add our Lactation & Infant Feeding Support Group on Fridays 10am-12pm at Tennessee Valley Lactation Support, LLC, in Madison, AL, at 3809 Sullivan St., Suite #3, Madison, AL 35758. Thank you!

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