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Midwife Licenses Return to Alabama


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Midwife Licenses Return to Alabama

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Huntsville and North Alabama moms now have more choices when it comes to delivering their babies in the state of Alabama. While the state legislature passed a bill to make home birth legal again in 2017, the first licenses in 40 years were just issued. That’s exciting news to Rocket City Moms! We’ve been following this issue closely for years, and believe more options for parents is always a good thing.

We walked with midwives.

We hired a doula.

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We know that pregnancy is not an illness.

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A pregnant woman attends a childbirth class on her laptop.

New Licensed Alabama Midwives

As of January 18th, 2019, Stacey Bufkin, Tori Dennis, Karen Brock, Rebekah Myrick and Layla Brown are the first certified professional midwives issued a state license in Alabama since 1976. Between that time and now, midwives have practiced in our neighboring state of Tennessee.

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If you would like to know more about midwives practicing in Huntsville or North Alabama, be sure to visit

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