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Happy Father’s Day from Rocket City Mom

Happy Father’s Day from Rocket City Mom

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No, your eyes are not deceiving you. Rocket City Mom is celebrating Father’s Day with a website “takeover” of all things Dad this weekend. The hyperlocal parenting website is most often frequented by local moms, but will put dads front and center to help shine a light on parents of the paternal variety.

“We’re very excited to spotlight all the great content provided to us over the years by area dads,” said Jennifer Breuer, Publisher and CEO of Rocket City Mom. “Although our name stems from a time when the site was a more personal venture, I’m extremely proud of the true community effort it has evolved into with diverse parenting voices from all walks of life which obviously includes numerous dads and their unique take on this journey called parenthood.”

Visitors to the website can enjoy reading articles from local dads about everything from pop culture to co-parenting after divorce to bullying. Original dad poetry, sage advice about talking to girls, and heartfelt love letters from dad to daughter are also featured. Dad Jokes will also be plentiful.

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We’d like to take a moment and do a special shout-out to our Dad Contributors for all their hard work and dedication to the readers of this site. Andy, Bo, Benjamin, Caleb, Russ, Sam, Cornelius – your presence on Rocket City Mom has enriched it tremendously. And to all of our Dad Guest Writers we’ve ever had – thank you for sharing your stories.

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Happy Father’s Day!

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  • Can’t you leave Father’s Day alone and not use it to your benefit your cause? You might have a worthy cause but this is offensive to me as a dad. Dads are for sure (!!!) the least appropriated and most often maligned halve of the parenting partnership. We would all do well to help all fathers feel appropriated everyday for the role they play in the family and in the raising of their children. Please just honor Dads on Father’s Day and promote your cause on other days!

    • Hi Dan – no cause here. This was a fun way we wanted to honor Rocket City Dads everywhere, especially our own Dad Contributors. I’m sorry you are offended.

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