[caption id="attachment_141920" align="aligncenter" width="1200"] Parenting during a pandemic doesn’t have to be impossible.[/caption]

Parenting is hard during normal times. Parenting during Covid-19 with its social distancing, sheltering-in-place, school cancellations, and non-stop frightening news is harder.

We’re working hard, at the CDC recommended 6′ distance, to bring you information that can help make life just a tiny bit easier during these times.

yonder girl wading in a creek
Beat Back Cabin Fever with a Yonder Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

Are you bored doing school work? I know I am because it’s just all on…

girl laughing
Need a Laugh? Shenanigans Comedy Theater Hosting a Free Drive-In Show for Kids

Flatten the curve AND shorten the joy gap with these two great drive-thru show options at Shenanigan’s Comedy Theatre in Huntsville.

This doctor shows us how to sanitize groceries and it’s very useful (and terrifying)

This PSA on safe grocery shopping during Covid-19 is overwhelming but it could also save a life.

Free educational Minecraft content now available for kids sheltering in place

Microsoft releases new FREE educational Minecraft content to help parents feel less guilty about increased screen time.

Stop what you are doing and watch Grover read The Monster at the End of this Book

This video of Grover reading “The Monster at the End of this Book” is exactly what you need right now.

Share Your Story About Parenting & Coronavirus

How you holding up Tennessee Valley parents? Are you looking for answers or maybe you’ve figured some things out? We want to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly. Share your story.

hungry child sitting in fron tof empty refrigerator
Feeding Students in Madison County During the COVID-19 School Break

EDITOR’S NOTE: If you’re looking for free food or other assistance during the Covid-19 pandemic,…

boy working at desk at home
Entertaining & Educating Kids at Home During School Closures

Our favorite ways to entertain and educate kids during an extended school break.

brown bag pack lunch
Lunches Of Love Extended School Closing Food Drive

Look for the helpers… or even better, BE a helper! Large numbers of students in…