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Pick Your Own Muscadines at GNH Farms

Pick Your Own Muscadines at GNH Farms

  • 1295 Martling Gap Road, Albertville, AL 35951
  • 256-558-0663
  • Season runs Labor Day weekend through October
Muscadine grapes on the vine at GNH Farms

Our family of four is all about low-key, off-beat, hidden gems. We love places we can explore at our own pace, have the place to ourselves, and chat with the owners. GNH Farms is one of those places. Every Fall we make the easy day trip to Guntersville to pick baskets full of huge, juicy muscadine and scuppernong grapes at their hilltop vineyard. We also pick up a big jar of local honey and peruse their jellies, ciders, and other products.

Our GNH Farm Experience

We went on Friday around midday and spent about an hour picking and strolling. The whole place smelled amazing, like a bottle of sparkling grape juice. You could spend as much or as little time as you want to and there is room for antsy little ones to run around or moody teens to stomp off by themselves and take selfies.

exterior building at GNH Muscadine Farm
Baskets are provided and there is no entry fee. Whatever muscadines you pick are priced by weight at $2.50/lb. A large jar of honey and three baskets of muscadines (well over 10 lbs) came in under fifty bucks. They accept both cash and card.

The GNH Farms website,, offers a list of products as well as recipes for everything from jelly to DIY wine making, and they will crush your pickings for you at no cost. It also introduces the new owners, Greg and Natalia, tells the history of the small family farm, and the history of muscadines in America. You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram for info and updates.

girl picking grapes off the vine at GNH farm

Parent Pro-Tips

    • Appropriate outdoor footwear is highly recommended. It had just rained for 24+ hours before we went so we wore our rain boots but tennis shoes would do on a regular day.
    • We encountered a significant number of fire ant hills and accidentally disturbed several. Keep an eye out!
    • Picking fruit is sticky work. They do have a small bathroom where you can wash up. It has been clean and tidy every time we’ve visited. There is also hand sanitizer on the checkout counter.
    • We like to pack a picnic lunch and visit Lake Guntersville State Park but nearby towns offer plenty of places to eat.

Muscadine Recipes

Muscadine Pie
Wild Muscadine Cobbler
Muscadine Grape Jelly
Muscadines & Butter Chicken

GNH Muscadine Farm Details

Address: 1295 Martling Gap Road, Albertville, AL 35951 (map) (Next to Lake Guntersville State Park)
Hours: Thursday – Sunday from 9AM – 6PM, September through October
Cost: Fruit priced by weight at $2.50/lb
Phone: 256-558-0663
View Website | GNH Farm on Facebook | Instagram

This article was originally published September 2020 and has been updated with current information.

Melisabeth BrooksABOUT THE AUTHOR: Melisabeth Brooks lives in north Alabama. She is a homeschooling mom of two and co-owner/photographer of Brooks Photography.

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