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Finding Friends and Health at FIT4Mom Madison

Finding Friends and Health at FIT4Mom Madison

If you’re like me, you may find yourself spending most days talking to a baby that can’t talk back. If you read my last article, you know that I am on a journey to find mom friends, and it turns out I’m not the only one seeking that human connection. In our reader survey there were overwhelming responses from other parents looking for that sense of belonging. My first stop on remedying that was a visit to FIT4MOM Madison.

Jumping into FIT4MOM Madison

Before I jump into my experience with FIT4MOM Madison, let me be clear about one tiny detail: I am in no shape, form, or fashion athletic – especially after having my son. Couple that with an inherent dislike for crowds, and I was a little nervous to make the plunge. Nevertheless, I clicked over to their website and signed up for a free workout after weeks of putting it off for this article and even longer from looking at it personally.

I can honestly say that I wish I would not have delayed for so long. The moms at FIT4MOM were SO friendly and welcoming and I instantly found myself drawn into conversation with several ladies. I was also excited to see that there were moms from all different stages of life – from babies to toddlerhood and even school-aged too. After several minutes of chatter and cooing over each other’s kiddos, we kicked off the workout with stretches and some introductions.


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The Workout

Again, I am not in shape, so I’ll admit I was a more than a little worried that I would be the one person that wouldn’t be able to keep up. I instantly felt more at ease when various options were offered to get a workout at the level that you felt most comfortable. I was even more impressed when there were specific options offered for pregnant and newly-postpartum mamas. It was clear that this was a community made for motherhood.

After getting past that initial gymtimidation, my next concern was that Oliver would not hold up long enough for the hour long workout. After all, 8 month olds are not known for their long attention spans. But as I mentioned earlier this is a community built around motherhood and by default, kids. So when you squat you also play peek-a-boo, and when you lunge you also tickle tiny toes, and when you use a resistance band you also sing a verse or two of a nursery rhyme.


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In addition the style of the workout has you doing a different movement every minute, so things are constantly changing and moving to help keep little brains entertained. I also found the fast pace helped move the workout along quickly – you can handle anything for a minute or push harder for just 30 seconds.

After the hour, I left sweaty, tired, and energized in the way that only a good workout can do. And believe me when I say I was sore, like hurts walking up the stairs sore. But, surprisingly I didn’t find myself feeling relived it was over or even that I would dread going back. Instead I was excited to give it another try and signed up as a member that same day. Though… I did wait a day before returning for a workout to give my muscles some recovery time.

The FIT4MOM Madison Community

Another thing I enjoyed about FIT4MOM Madison was the absence of judgement. In the workout yes, but also in motherhood. Need to change a diaper? Go for it. Have to pause from your jumping jacks to open a granola bar? No one bats an eye. Have a toddler that throws a tantrum in typical toddler fashion? Do what you got to do. Admittedly one of my greatest hesitations in actually going out to make mom friends is the thought of dealing with the mom shaming and the drama, but there was none of that here.

Instead, I found myself chatting with various moms throughout the hour. By nature, the workout has you standing next to different people or partnering with a neighboring mom, and meeting each other was almost effortless – even for an introvert like me. I left feeling heard in a way that made me look forward to coming back and giving it another try and so I did.

Community is a big part of what FIT4MOM does. They celebrate milestones together like 100 classes or even 500. In addition to workouts, the group gathers for Mother’s Nights Outs, book clubs, TV clubs, playdates, and more. You can find a full schedule of events here.


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What’s Next on the Mom Friend Journey?

Although FIT4MOM Madison was a success, I will be continuing my journey to making mom friends and trying out different programs and events around Huntsville and North Alabama. My next stop will be a free storytime at the Huntsville-Madison County Public Library.

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