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Redstone’s STAR Club Allows Young Savers a Bright Future

Redstone’s STAR Club Allows Young Savers a Bright Future

The biggest responsibility of being a parent is ensuring our kids have the tools necessary to become successful adults.  One way that starts is by teaching financial literacy at a young age. Luckily, Redstone Federal Credit Union makes that easy with their STAR Club savings account for kids!

Redstone’s STAR Club savings account is specifically designed for kids 0-12 years old, and a perfect way to instill the importance of saving up money for rainy days. Even better, between September 27 and October 31 when you open a STAR Club account using code “YOUTH” Redstone will match up to $100 on the average daily balance for the first 30 days after account opening.

You can always expect great customer service at Redstone.

Opening an Account during the Young Savings Offer

Since having Oliver, I’ve wanted to open a savings account for when he’s older. The Youth Savings offer was the motivation I needed to get him set up. Since we already bank with Redstone, we knew that we’d be getting the best customer service, and that his money would be right there waiting for him when he’s old enough to start making financial decisions.

Opening an account was easy. We took a quick trip to our local branch and we were in and out without any hitches. Oliver and I were instantly greeted by friendly team members and taken back to open his account. If your child qualifies for membership with Redstone, there are just a few things you’ll need to take advantage of the Youth Savings offer:

  • Parent’s Valid ID
  • Child’s Social Security Card/Number
  • Proof of Address (i.e. utility bill)
  • Opening Deposit – Minimum of $5
  • You’ll also need mention the code “YOUTH” to get the balance match offer
Hop on this offer while it lasts for a treat that keeps giving.

A truly Kid-Friendly Account

As a parent, it’s always refreshing to have a welcoming environment for your kids when you’re out in public. In addition to having the account centered around kids – with parental controls, fun deposit tracking, and more – Redstone Federal Credit Union makes opening an account a fun experience for the child. Oliver was given his very own piggy bank that he showered with kisses.

If you’re looking to set your child up for success, and wanting to open your child’s first savings account with Redstone during the Youth Savings offer, be sure to act fast! The balance match incentive runs through October 31, 2022. Head over to the Redstone Federal Credit Union website to find a branch near your today.

Everything starts looking up when you help your child set up a sound

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