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Bounce Off the Walls at Huntsville’s Altitude Trampoline Park

Bounce Off the Walls at Huntsville’s Altitude Trampoline Park

  • 6275 University Drive NW, Suite 14, Huntsville
  • 256-690-5005 | Cost ranges from $9-30
  • Get parent tips below!
Altitude trampolines park in Huntsville AL
Altitude trampolines park in Huntsville AL
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Altitude trampolines park in Huntsville AL

Looking for a place for your kids to burn off energy while you relax in the air conditioning? Altitude Trampoline Park is the place for you, especially on those sweltering Alabama summer days or when the rain is causing the kids to climb the walls. That’s actually encouraged here!

Our Visit to Altitude

We visited Altitude recently with my 6-year-old, 9-year-old, and 14-year-old. It’s rare to find an activity that all three of my kids are interested in, but they all had no problems entertaining themselves for a full two hours.

When you enter, you will first stop at the desk to pay the entrance fee and purchase socks, as well as sign waivers. Special Altitude socks are required for play, but you get to keep them and can reuse them on your next visit. If you as a parent want to jump or enter the trampoline area, you will also need to pay for admission and socks. If your kids are big enough, you can relax on one of the many picnic tables and watch your kids from there.

So Many Different Ways to Play

The park is divided into multiple areas with different attractions. The Main Court is the largest area with wall-to-wall trampolines and padded blocks for kids to climb on. There are even trampoline WALLS! My kids had a great time hopping around, then running down the tumbling tracks and bouncing off the walls.

little girl bouncing at an indoor trampoline park

The performance trampolines let bigger kids jump from ledges of varying heights. The giant foam pit has several jump platforms for kids to launch themselves off into the pit filled with soft squishy cubes.

Battle Your Friends: If your kid wants to indulge their inner American Gladiator, the battle beam is the place for them. Grab a padded jousting stick and duke it out. First one to fall off the beam into the foam pit loses!

Slam Dunk: Got a kid who likes to play hoops? Then trampoline basketball is for them! They can bounce and shoot the ball. My biggest kid spent a ton of time here dunking the ball.

Duck & Dodge: Maybe dodgeball is more up your alley. There are two separate dodgeball courts: one for under-12s and one for 12+. I appreciated this, as my 9-year-old wanted to play but wasn’t big enough to hang with his older brother. He had a great time playing with kids his size.

crossing the zip line at Altitude trampoline park

Zip & Flip: The zip-line and trapeze swing were big hits with my older kids. They rode these over and over, trying to do a flip from the trapeze or seeing how far they could hold on before they fell. Note that both of these attractions require an attendant.

Climb the Walls: The rock wall stretches 20 feet tall and is located over a foam pit. My kids had as much fun climbing as they did falling.

Altitude for Little Kids

Got toddlers? The Kids Court is for them! Just for little kids, this gives them their own small foam pit and trampoline court area to enjoy jumping without being run over by bigger kids.

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shooting hoops at Altitude

But What About Safety?

I was very impressed with the safety measures in place at Altitude. Before we went, I watched the safety video reviewed the Code of Conduct with my kids (find those here). You can also read more about the safety equipment that Altitude utilizes.

Each attraction featured a sign next to it outlining the rules for use. I made sure my kids read these before they entered a new area of the park.

A trampoline monitor roamed the jumping floor the entire time we were there, enforcing the rules and making sure everyone was safe. Several of the attractions require a monitor to use (the trapeze, zip-line, and performance trampoline) and have a chain to indicate when they are closed. If you want to use one of those, ask one of the monitors and they are happy to help!

As for cleanliness, Altitude goes the extra mile to be a Certified Clean facility.

climbing the walls at Altitude

Know Before You Go

Here’s my advice and Parent Tips if you’re planning on visiting Altitude Huntsville anytime soon.

  • How to Skip the Line: You can pay for admission and sign waivers at home before you come to save time. Bring your ID to verify your identity. Your waiver is good for a year.
  • Find a Deal: Be sure to check their website for any specials currently running with discount admission. If you’re buying tickets at Altitude, the helpful employees can suggest the best deal for your family.
  • Bathrooms: A changing table is provided in the women’s restroom, but not the men’s. I was impressed at how clean the restrooms were.
  • Book a Party: Altitude offers birthday parties! Several were happening during our visit, and the kids seemed to be having a great time jumping with breaks for pizza and cake. See their party packages here.
  • Secure Your Things: It’s easy to lose things from your pockets, so unless you have zippered pockets, leave your cell phone, etc. at home. It’s probably a good idea to avoid wearing glasses if possible as well. There are open cubbies to store your shoes while you jump. If you need to secure your belongings, you can rent lockers to secure any valuables.
  • If You Feel Peckish: Outside food is not allowed, but a snack bar sells drinks, candy, chips, nachos, and cotton candy if you work up an appetite jumping.

Altitude Huntsville Details

Address: 6275 University Drive NW, Suite 14, Huntsville (map)
Phone: 256-690-5005
Cost: Ranges from $8.95 to $30.95, depending on age and hours of jump time selected | Buy tickets online
View Website | Altitude on Facebook
Monday – Thursday 10:00 am-9:00 pm
Friday 10:00 am-10:00 pm
Saturday 9:00 am-10:00 pm
Sunday 11:00 am-7:00 pm

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