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Bounce Over to Flow Huntsville

Bounce Over to Flow Huntsville

  • We tried out Huntsville's newest indoor trampoline park!
  • Too hot or wet outside? Take the kids here for a fun afternoon.
boy jumping into the foam pit
Our trip to Flow Huntsville
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Our trip to Flow Huntsville

Huntsville’s newest trampoline park offers a ton of activities on and off the mats. Kids, teens, and grown-ups can all have a good time at the new Flow Huntsville Supreme Air Sports at the corner of Drake and Leeman Ferry Road. In addition to the trampolines, there’s jousting, basketball, games, soccer, dodgeball, a ninja course, zip-line, mini-golf and more.

Flow opened in early April and our crew visited a few weeks later after school on a Wednesday. The facility hadn’t yet opened all of its features, but the major attractions were available. By now the ninja course, arcade, and Flow Café are operational, but were not during our visit. We recommend checking Flow’s Facebook page for updates on new features and specials.

Our Visit to Flow Huntsville

Our trip to Flow Huntsville

Trampoline Activities at Flow

Flow has many of the same trampoline activities as other similar parks, but it also bring new games into the mix. Our group spent a lot of time hanging on the trapeze and landing on the giant pillow mat, and then heading to the neighboring jousting equipment to knock each other off the beam. At one point our group of three elementary-aged kids teamed up against some high school kids and had a blast. Next to this area is a tightrope that proved trickier than it looked. The line is just over an inch wide, but you need to move fast to get across without falling in the foam pit.

Next to all this are trampoline runs for anyone wishing to run and jump, then there’s the traditional square trampolines. There are two super trampolines that allow users to literally jump off the walls or simply jump higher than the others. My daughter loved this area as it let her get high enough to work on her jumps and other acrobatic skills.

girl bouncing on a trampoline at Flow Huntsville

Zip-Lines & Slam Dunks

The zip-line is more of a ball hanging from a rope and you have to decide if you want to try and hang from the rope or try and jump up onto the ball and ride. The kids tried riding it in all different ways, but had the most success jumping on the ball; however, they also liked hanging on the rope because they landed in the foam pit sooner. The zip-line isn’t fast and has a soft landing.

young girl on an indoor zip line

Behind the zip-line area is a basketball court with a spring floor and it’s awesome. Anyone wishing to try their dunking skills can do so in this area and likely have success, but if not, there’s still fun to be had. I’m not great at sports, but the basketball area was one of my favorites because it didn’t involve a lot of jumping and I could almost make baskets most of the time. If basketball isn’t your game, there’s a soccer station too. Guests can kick the ball at the flashing goal and earn points. We weren’t great at the kicking part, because we were in socks and not shoes, so we threw the ball and scored… a lot. It was hilarious. Small kids would enjoy this area too.

Not Into Trampolines?

Flow has you covered. Outside the trampoline area is a lounge for people to watch TV on a big screen, a mini-turf with games like corn hole and connect four, and an arcade/game room. The floor area would be perfect to entertain young children who aren’t comfortable with trampolines or simply aren’t big enough yet. We saw a few babies and parents in this area during our visit, while the older siblings took off to the big stuff.

indoor turf games at Flow huntsville

Flow Huntsville has Mini Golf!

I’m no longer someone who jumps on trampolines a lot, so having a different activity option was great, and mini golf is always fun. But, mini golf surrounded by black lights, aliens and spaceships was pretty cool. Everyone can choose a glow-in-the-dark ball and putter and choose one of two six-hole courses. There’s an alien course or a rocket course. Guests can either buy one six-hole course or a 12-hole course and play on both courses or repeat one.

Our group chose the alien/spaceship course over the rocket course, which is to the right. The holes aren’t too difficult, so small kids can still have fun, but there’s not so easy that a teenager or adult would be bored. They’re par 2-3 holes, but have the occasional dip, hill or obstacle to make them a bit of a challenge. The last hole, number six, swallows the ball, and returns it to the main mini-golf area. Parties that choose 12 holes will need to get another ball to complete their second course.

Birthdays & Laser Lights at Flow

According to their social media, they offer Flow Glow from 8 – 10 p.m., Friday and Saturday nights and one adult can jump for free. The two hours includes socks, laser lights and more fun.

Birthday parties at Flow Huntsville range from $300-450. They provide a private party room, a party attendant, paper goods, plastic utensils, and table coverings. Each jumper receives a FLOW silicone wristband and socks to wear home. The birthday guest receives gripper socks and a complimentary jump. Parties can plan to bring their own outside food, including pizza.

Our Final Verdict

To say the kids had a blast at Flow is an understatement. They loved it and have begged to go back multiple times. Because there was more to do than jumping, I can see us being a repeat visitor. I love the idea that there are activities that me, a mom who doesn’t do trampolines any more, could actually do and have fun. I didn’t have to sit on the sideline and watch the kids bounce around for an hour, I could actually play basketball, dodgeball, use the zip-line, play soccer and mini-golf. For me, these extra activities are what will make me take the kids back.

jousting at the foam pit

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Know Before You Go:

  • Fill out waivers online before arriving to save time.
  • Bathrooms are in the back of the building.
  • There’s a ton of shoe cubbies near the entrance, across from the party rooms.
  • A water fountain is available by the party rooms. Bring your water bottle!

Flow Huntsville Details

Address: 2021 Drake Avenue, Huntsville (map)
Phone: 256-542-1996

View Website | Flow Huntsville on Facebook

Hours: Monday-Thursday: 9AM-9PM; Friday & Saturday: 9AM – 10 PM;  Sunday: 11AM-7PM

– Ages 6 and under: $16/1 hour, $19/1.5 hour, $22/2 hours
– Ages 7 and up: $19/1 hour, $22/1.5 hour, $25/2 hours
* Flow socks are required and $3.50 per person. When we visited they only had adult sizes available, but the kids didn’t seem to mind and they still fit comfortably without falling off or getting caught up in anything.

  • Mini-golf as an add-on: $6/six holes, $10/12 holes per person
  • Mini-golf only: $8/six holes, $12/12 holes per person
  • Arcade as an add-on: $6/30 minutes, $10/1 hour
  • Arcade only: $8/30 minutes, $12/1 hour

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