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School Spotlight: Grace Lutheran School of Huntsville

School Spotlight: Grace Lutheran School of Huntsville

  • Child Development Center – 8 weeks to 3 yrs.
  • School – Pre-Kindergarten (4 yrs.) to 8th grade

Find out more about Grace Lutheran School via this Q&A with School Principal, Delaine Schiestel.

Location and Contact Info: 3321 S. Memorial Pkwy, Huntsville, AL 35801 (map)
Phone: 256-881-0553
Website | Facebook | Instagram

School Mascot & Colors:
Crusader, Blue & White

Grades/Ages of Students: Child Development Center – 8 weeks to 3 yrs.
School – Pre-Kindergarten (4 yrs.) to 8th grade

Public or Private? 
We’re a Private School accredited by the National Lutheran School Association and AdvancedEd/Cognia.

Tuition: Grace Lutheran School, Grace Lutheran School Child Development Center

Religious affiliation, if any: Lutheran
Teacher/Student Ratio: 1:8

Grace Lutheran Students
Grace Lutheran believes that each student has been gifted with unique strengths and talents by their Creator

School mission:
Grace Lutheran School’s mission is to share the message of salvation through Jesus Christ, to prepare our children for today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities, and to equip children for lives of service.

We believe that each student has been gifted with unique strengths and talents by their Creator, which will serve them well in their life ahead of them. We strive to foster and honor those gifts, while preparing them for their future. The staff at Grace works to develop the whole child – their learning, their gifts, their faith, and how they interact with others. We not only talk about how much our Savior loves us, but practice that faith through acts of service to others. Daily devotions and weekly chapel allows us to worship together and pray for each other.

Our small class sizes permit our whole staff the opportunity to get to know the entire student body. It is hard for a student to ‘fall through the cracks’ when so many people are looking out for them and supporting them. Our nurturing teachers hold our students to high expectations, while helping them grow and achieve.

What is your school’s predominant educational philosophy?
Grace’s educational philosophy is to prepare our students to be successful in the next stage of life and learning, not only academically and spiritually, but to be leaders and innovators. 

It’s been said that today’s educators are preparing their students for future roles which do not yet exist. This is especially true in today’s world. At Grace, we practice critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and other 21st Century skills. We emphasize that learning is lifelong and for everyone. Our focus on the sciences, math, technology, and arts (STEAM) create students who can creatively apply solutions to problems. Students learn in a variety of means so our teachers create varied learning opportunities that include direct instruction, hands-on, small group, independent learning, and project-based learning. Technology is a ready tool that our students and staff use to enhance their learning. 

What sets your school apart from other area programs?
Grace is known for its strong family atmosphere, close partnerships with families, and strong academics in a caring, Christian culture. Our staff and families partner with each other to raise up our students in a Godly manner, preparing them for their life ahead. Grace’s students consistently reach high achievement marks, preparing them to be leaders in high school and beyond. We are proud to have alumni who have become engineers, teachers, businesspeople, and leaders in their work and communities. Most of all, the people of Grace – faculty, staff, parents, and students – are truly what make us special. 

What extracurricular opportunities exist for your students?
Even though Grace is a smaller school, we are proud to be able to offer a variety of extra-curricular activities to our students. Athletics, student council, Junior Rotary Club, honor society, band, drama, and STEAM clubs, like Lego groups and art club are a few of the offerings available to our students in a non-pandemic school year. 

Grace Lutheran students
Grace Lutheran students enjoy a 1:8 teacher/student ratio.

What advice do you have for parents looking for a school for their child(ren)? 

Each child is unique and has their own learning needs. Know your child’s strengths and areas for growth. It is important for parents to look for a school that can nurture your student to develop their full potential. One size does not fit all. Our admissions director would love to speak with you to determine if Grace Lutheran is right for your child. 

Describe your admissions process: 

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At Grace Lutheran School we are proud to offer a personalized admissions process. Our Admissions Director, Tim Payne is available to walk you through each step. We begin the process with a tour of our campus. Our tours are individualized to allow prospective parents to get a feel for the full Grace atmosphere. After our tours conclude families will then complete an online application followed by Placement Testing.

We offer in person and virtual tours. Please contact our Admissions Director, via email to set up a tour today! You can also do so by checking out our Admissions Page.

We look forward to connecting with you!

Upcoming Open House events or special events:

Our Spring Preview night is March 3rd at 6:30. Personalized tours are available through the school office.

Additional Info: 

Grace also provides a homeschool cover and a la carte classes for families who wish to homeschool their students. Our homeschool families are invited to participate in our extra-curricular activities, chapel, school assemblies, and achievement testing.

Financial assistance is available for families who qualify. 

Grace Lutheran exterior
Grace Lutheran welcomes students from 8 weeks to 8th grade.

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