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Village of Promise Wants You to “Love Your Neighbor”

Village of Promise Wants You to “Love Your Neighbor”

Village of Promise is a family advancement center whose mission is to advance families out of generational poverty. Whether it’s teaching skills necessary to live healthily and contribute to their households and communities or connecting them to outside resources that can meet their needs, Village of Promise does an amazing job supporting each generation of Huntsville’s less fortunate families, targeting all the socioeconomic factors that contribute to the cycle of poverty!

But that kind of comprehensive intervention requires substantial resources, both human and fiscal. Village of Promise (VOP) needed an innovative way to raise awareness for the cause. As Executive Director Dr. Libby Parker put it, “Once people know, then they get involved.” This is how the incredible partnership between VOP and two talented musicians that birthed the evocative song, Love Your Neighbor came to be.

Jordan “#ChillCity” Moore and Victoria Jones collaborated to help support the mission of Village of Promise with a new song.

A Song is Born

Jordan “#ChillCity” Moore and Victoria Jones are homegrown artists. Born and raised in Huntsville, neither is a stranger to community activism. Moore is well known for using his #ChillCity musical platform to bring attention to worthy causes. Jones, whose music has often been aimed at highlighting important issues such as mental health and racial equity, had previously worked with Village of Promise in other capacities. This project was a perfect fit for the duo.

Moore wrote the stirring lyrics set to beautifully sweeping notes and shared it with the talented Jones, who loved it. They got into the studio and recorded it in one day. And on a beautiful evening in a gorgeous backyard surrounded by lush fall foliage, the dynamic duo performed Love Your Neighbor live for the Village of Promise board.

I’m your neighbor
Can’t you see it’s me
Won’t you help me out my misery
I’m your neighbor
Your neighbor is me
Depend on you to come and rescue me

Jordan “#ChillCity” Moore and Victoria Jones perform Love Your Neighbor for the Village of Promise Board.

The rich melody combined with lyrics sung from the perspective of the families VOP serve every day held the listeners’ rapt attention and they all exploded into applause as the last notes floated on the air. It was a hit.

Where to Find Village of Promise’s Love Your Neighbor

Stream Love Your Neighbor by Village of Promise (feat. #ChillCity) wherever you listen to music today! Share it with family and friends to bring awareness to Voice of Promise’s work in our city. You can find it on Amazon Music, Spotify, Apple Music, and more. Find out how you can further support Village of Promise’s mission by visiting their website and getting involved!

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Other Ways to Support Village of Promise

This project is a perfect illustration of how any and all of us can put our talents to use, not just for personal gain and fulfillment, but to highlight worthy causes in our community that benefit those in need of our support, in need of a neighbor.

An easy way to get involved with Village of Promise is by volunteering at their One Table Huntsville event. A free city-wide Thanksgiving meal, One Table Huntsville brings together people from all walks of life from across the city to create unity and celebrate diversity.

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You can volunteer for the event by signing up here.


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