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What Goes on at the Library when it’s not Story Time?

What Goes on at the Library when it’s not Story Time?

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If you’re on the hunt for indoor fun, your local library branch can offer way more than just books! This article can give you an idea of what to expect when you bring your kids to four of our libraries for a free, air conditioned outing for you and your little ones.

The Downtown Library

Downtown has a story time circle and a play area in their children’s section. There are car tracks, puzzles, a doll house, a play kitchen with kitchen toys, and foam blocks. If your little one can’t read yet, you can still spread out with the toys or board books on the display shelves. There are also adult sized chairs in this area, so you can comfortably sit while your child plays. You can access the William Hooper Councill Memorial Park from the children’s section for outdoor story time or a picnic. The computers in the children’s section at the Downtown Library are not connected to the Internet, and they have touch screens and preloaded games.

Kids will love the play area at the Downtown Library.

The Madison Library

The Madison Library has activity tables with magnetic tiles, bins for books (easy access for little ones), picnic tables outside the children’s section, computers, a play house, and little tables and chairs. Story time at Madison is usually outside, with mats for proper spacing.

Magna-Tiles sit on a white play table at the library.
Magna-Tiles are a great way to get creative and crafty at Madison Library.

The Monrovia Library

The Monrovia Library is on the smaller side. It’s one floor, and you can see most of the library as you walk in. The children’s section has a few toy bins and computers. Monrovia also offers crafts challenges and supplies as well as grab bags of books. You can go online and request a grab bag on their website. According to the ages and interests of your children, they will put together a bag of books they might enjoy. If you are interested in picking up a craft at Monrovia, you can call to request that. There is a playground next door as well.

A young girl stoops to pick up some Legos next to a green Lego table.
Enjoy the Legos without the mess at the Lego table at Monrovia Library.

The North Huntsville Library

The North Huntsville library uses their community room for story time to allow for adequate spacing. The max capacity of their community room is 150, so there is plenty of space to spread out. The children’s section has an activity table with magnetic tiles, soft blocks for fort building, benches for reading, and shelves with easy access for little hands. There is also a playground with a covered picnic area outside.

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A children's game fills the screen of a computer with a brightly colored keyboard and child-sized mouse.
Educational games and kid-friendly computers are ready for an afternoon of fun at the North Huntsville library.

The new South Huntsville library is the newest branch to open. You can check out some of the highlights of that here.

We have a list of all of the local story times as well or you can view upcoming events at all the branches here. However, if you’re not sure if your child is up for story time or your schedule doesn’t coincide perfectly with those times, hopefully, this is helpful in letting you know what the library has to offer your kids who might enjoy a free outing in the children’s section of your local library. There is something for everyone.


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