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“Uncaged” at Huntsville Botanical Garden gives everyone a bird’s eye view

“Uncaged” at Huntsville Botanical Garden gives everyone a bird’s eye view

The Huntsville Botanical Garden has added even more life to the garden with Uncaged. Billed as “…a collection of interactive pieces that explore the lives of our charismatic feather friends,” Uncaged enriches an already exciting visit to the Huntsville Botanical Garden. Included with Garden admission, it provides delightful bird-themed surprises tucked into their beautiful scenery.

“Home Tweet Home,” Pamela Keller and Cypress Creek Designs

This all ages outdoor experience features a collection of seven interactive pieces about birds and the environment spread throughout the Garden, creating a sort of scavenger hunt for guests. Each piece in Uncaged is unique and inventive, created by local artists and architects who have partnered with the Garden to bring the experience to life.

Each piece was created by local artists and architects who have partnered with the Garden to bring the experience to life.

A visit to the Garden is different for my family; we find new places to explore or new activities to enjoy. During this trip, we set out to find all seven pieces in Uncaged. As we walked, we could hear a chorus of birds and enjoyed their songs in harmony with the collection. My daughter was thrilled to run ahead and be our spotter! We were able to interact with each discovery and we loved it. My daughter, especially loved the giant cuckoo clock, but you’ll have to experience it for yourself. It was so much fun.

“Twigs, Twine, and Cuckoo Clock Time,” Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment: A giant interactive cuckoo clock made from local and recycled materials

Not only was Uncaged interactive art, but it was also an awesome photo opportunity. My daughter took every opportunity to be in, on, and around these pieces. She loved being silly for the camera and Uncaged inspired her!

At one point, we realized that we had missed a creation. So, we doubled-back to go find it. Of course, as we walked, the Garden was filled with all of our favorites: wildlife, the Damson Aquatic Garden, the Van Valkenburgh Daylily Garden and the Purdy Butterfly House. Be sure to take your time and soak it all in; even the hammocks are back!

Uncaged is on display at the Huntsville Botanical Garden all summer (June 11 – October 31, 2021)

What to expect when visiting the Huntsville Botanical Garden

First, be prepared to be outside and to travel at least a mile. There are restrooms in the main building (Garden Entrance) and in the back of the garden.

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Next, the Huntsville Botanical Garden has an articulate Visitor Health and Safety Guideline document available for those wanting to understand their COVID-19 precautions. While the majority of the gardens are obviously outdoors, the Front Desk area can get congested. They recommend arriving after 11:00 a.m. to avoid their busiest time at the desk.

We visited on an evening where HBG had opened up their event space. They had a musician, a food truck and ample space to spread out with your family. This made relaxing after an exciting walk very easy.

Hippea Camper
A visit on Wednesday evenings this summer also includes enjoyment of Golden Hour which includes food trucks!

Plan Your Visit

Address: 4747 Bob Wallace Ave SW, Huntsville, AL 35805 (Map)
Phone: 256-830-4447
Hours: M-Th 9AM-6PM, Fri/Sat 9AM-5PM, Sun 11AM-5PM
Cost: Included with admission($12 – $17) tickets available online or at the door
More Info: Website | Facebook | Instagram

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