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Haven Farms offer the perfect place to slow down and recharge

Haven Farms offer the perfect place to slow down and recharge

  • A hobby farm that more than 100 animals call home.
  • Located at 160 Mastin Road in Hazel Green.
  • Admission starts at $10 per person with 2 & under getting in free.
A young boy holds two eggs collected from the chickens on Haven Farms.
A young boy holds two eggs collected from the chickens on Haven Farms.
Two horses poke their heads through the gate to interact with guests on Haven Farms.
A toddler feeds one of the sheep on Haven Farms.
A fluffy white babydoll sheep interacts with two young boys visiting Haven Farms. +13
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A young boy holds two eggs collected from the chickens on Haven Farms.

When most people look forward to empty nesting, they dream of traveling, sleeping in, and a little more freedom. The Newsom family had a different idea. After raising 8 children, all within less than 10 years of each other thanks to adoption, LeAnn and Scott Newsom moved to Hazel Green to start a farm. The Newsoms are still bringing more people to their home, but in a different way this time. Haven Farms is a hobby farm in Hazel Green where you can sign up for group tours or one of their summer camps.

What to Expect on Your Haven Farms Visit

There are two types of tours: regular and deluxe.

The regular tour is about an hour to an hour and a half while the deluxe tour is two to two and a half hours. When you have more time with a deluxe tour, you can bring lunch for the family and sit at the picnic tables after the tour. You can also take advantage of their play gym and sandbox while spending more time around the animals on the farm.

Two horses look out from behind the gates at Haven Farms.
Haven Farms offers public and private tours.

What to expect on the tour:

You’ll park at the end of the first long driveway, before the Haven Farms sign. Upon the start of each tour, everyone gets a small bucket to feed the animals. The buckets have food for the animals plus animal crackers and pretzels. It’s all for the animals, but if your child happens to sneak a bite, hopefully they grab a pretzel or animal cracker. You can feed the chickens, alpacas, sheep, pigs, goats, and donkeys. You have the option to feed the animals through the fence or walk around inside the fence with them.

Wilbur is the cuddliest pig who loves belly scratches and people. You can feed Cruz, the sheep, but his mother, Josie, might come up to say hi as well. Through the tours, you learn more about the animals like their eating habits, their nature, and what it’s like to take care of them. After a pretty walk around the fishing hole, you arrive at the Bunny Bungalow, where you can sit on the ground and hold or pet the bunnies.

Some highlights for our group were picking an egg, feeding the pigs, the Critter Express, and Naomi and Ruth: the inseparable donkeys.

A young boy holds two eggs collected from the chickens on Haven Farms.
Haven Farms even holds camp for children during the summer.

Ways to Get Around on the Farm:

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Haven Farms has a red and white striped Amish wagon, brought in from Pennsylvania. Names suggestions for the wagon are welcome. The Critter Express is also a fan favorite at the farm. Each car in the “train” looks like a different animal from the farm and is made from 55 gallon drums all the way from San Antonio.

Know Before You Go: 

  • Closed toe shoes are required.
  • Masks are not currently required.
  • Porta Potties are available to guests and are cleaned every Monday.
Guests enjoy a "train" ride behind Scott's kubota.
Guests can even enjoy a special “train” ride through Haven Farms.

Plan Your Visit to Haven Farms

Address: 160 Mastin Road, Hazel Green (Map)
Phone: 256-479-0856
Admission: Tickets can be purchased online. Children ages 2 and under are free.
Regular Tours – $10 per person
Deluxe Tours – $20 per person
Groups of 20 or more can arrange a private tour. Tours are great for girl scouts, home school groups, or just families and friends who want to spend an afternoon on the farm.

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