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EarlyWorks Tinker Lab Receives Two Thumbs Up from Huntsville kids

EarlyWorks Tinker Lab Receives Two Thumbs Up from Huntsville kids

  • A newly remodeled science-inspired maker’s space inside EarlyWorks.
  • Daily STEM activities will be offered including hands-on demonstrations kids can participate in.
EarlyWorks Tinker Lab will make mad scientists out of your little ones.

EarlyWorks Children’s Museum has taken the lemon that was 2020 and turned it into lemonade. While they were refocusing and looking at their children’s museum, they noticed Huntsville lacked a place for younger children to experience STEM. Enter the EarlyWork’s Tinker Lab.

The EarlyWork’s Children’s Museum Tinker Lab is a new hands-on place for young scientists. We visited this weekend with my 4-year-old and absolutely loved it! All of the stations are geared for young children to experiment and explore science. Pssst – here’s a secret – the adults enjoyed it too!

They have also just announced their summer hours and a new program for Thursday nights: $5 after 5 p.m. each Thursday through 7 p.m. They are open six days a week and closed on Monday and I’m just putting it out there, that the membership is worth it in every way! Sometimes it’s just too hot or rainy to be outdoors. Plus, they are committed to safe and sanitary play that makes me feel great as a parent.

Explore, experiment, and more at the EarlyWorks Tinker Lab.
Your little mad scientist will love exploring and experimenting in the new Tinker Lab.

What to Expect When Visiting EarlyWork’s Tinker Lab

First, you must look the part when visiting EarlyWork’s Tinker Lab, so grab a lab coat and goggles, and start your scientific study! We started at the create your own rockets station – we are in the Rocket City after all. After coloring and constructing our creation. It was launch time!

Next, we were able to talk about what we thought would happen – AKA the hypothesis – In the wind tunnel section. Would this float or fall? If it were squished up, does that make a difference? Being able to test things out and have your child talk with you about their theories on the objects was an awesome addition to EarlyWork’s Tinker Lab.

For those who don’t enjoy creepy crawlies, this might not be your jam, but my spouse took the lead on the hunt for the insects.  Inside a box, you will find moss, fungus, ants, and pill bugs. P.S. I was today years old when I learned the real name of a roly-poly was a pill bug. My daughter used a magnifying glass to search for everything listed. It was fun to check everything off as they found it. They didn’t find the spider but found almost everything else. I am sure you can tell I was so “sad” about not finding the eight-legged friend.

My favorite station was the goldenrod paper station. Acids and bases. So while the concept of acids and bases seemed a little above her head, she did understand that when she sprayed the lemon juice it would turn the paper red. And we learned after some experimenting that if you use the base (the q-tip with baking soda) on the red you could turn it back yellow! As a parent, I loved the materials that they used were kid-friendly and wouldn’t hurt their clothes!

You can also head over to EarlyWork’s social media to find a list of special activities happening that week including Tinker Lab activities, storytimes, and more!

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Tinker Lab Earlyworks Children's Museum Huntsville AL
Mom’s favorite station was the acid/bases station. #HandsOnLearning

Our last stop in the EarlyWork’s Tinker Lab was a constellation copy station. This one was fun for my husband, but my 4-year-old just did a few rubber bands on the containers. It takes a little more hand coordination than she has, but when my husband created one, she was able to match it.

All in all, it was amazing and a great way to explain science, scientists, and ideas. It’s one thing to talk about it, but to experience it and get hands-on is the best way to learn. Oh yeah – and did I mention that the EarlyWork’s Tinker Lab is just one part of EarlyWorks? There is so much to explore. Make sure to check out the light exhibit where you basically make a human-sized Lite Brite. The Inside the Toys Exhibit is also still happening! 

If you’re looking for ways to make a day out of it, bring a swimsuit so they can play in the Bicentennial Park Splash Pad outside. 

The new EarlyWork's Tinker Lab is the perfect place for the littles to explore.
The new EarlyWork’s Tinker Lab is the perfect place for the littles to explore.

Plan Your Visit

Address: 404 Madison St SE, Huntsville (Map)
Phone: 256-564-8100
Hours: Monday – Closed
Tuesday – Saturday – 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Sunday – 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Cost: Tickets available online or at the door.
Toddlers (1-3) – $5
Youth (4-17) – $10
Adult – $12
Senior (55+) – $10
More Info: Website | Facebook | Instagram


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