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Lawyer to Judge, “I’m not a cat”: Reasons why every parent and grandparent should understand Zoom filters

Lawyer to Judge, “I’m not a cat”: Reasons why every parent and grandparent should understand Zoom filters

It might look like something out of a Saturday Night Live sketch but it’s actually real life. Earlier today during a virtual hearing in the 394th District Court of Texas a lawyer began his virtual hearing on Zoom with a kitten filter.

First of all, I just want to say a big THANK YOU to the lawyers and judge involved in this case. Man I needed a good laugh today and this was a great one!

A big thank you should also go out to the young child who likely put the kitten filter on his/her grandfather’s computer and to the folks that shared this on social media. Thank you all for bringing some levity to my week.

“I am not a cat” is something a cat lawyer would totally say….

Everyone involved in this scenario handled the situation maturely, and while I’m dying to know if they actually followed through with the entire proceedings this way, it’s not really germane to this post. What is relevant, and what makes this so incredibly funny, is that it keeps happening even though we are almost a full year into the pandemic.

Helpful Zoom Filter Tips

So this is our little PSA for all the parents and grandparents who have computers that children might have access to.

  • Before your meeting, check your camera settings. Below are two screenshots that show you where to go. One is for before you start the call and the other is in case you find yourself already in a call from inside Zoom.
Option 1: Zoom control center


Already in a call? This is where you go to find the filters.
  • Learn how to turn off Zoom filters. Once you get to settings, you’ll need to find the filters (easy enough) and turn them off. Note: if this doesn’t work, you may have a Snapchat filter installed. Click here for more details on how to turn those off.
Bunnies are cute but not very professional. Here is where you go to turn these filters off.
  • If you forget…have a chuckle and move on. Life’s too short not to and we’ve got important business to get done!


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