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Pick up a “Museum In a Bag” at Earlyworks this Fall!

Pick up a “Museum In a Bag” at Earlyworks this Fall!

Museum in a Bag

As our polls and comments have shown, parents are all over the place when it comes to being comfortable going places with their family during the COVID-19 pandemic. Luckily, the EarlyWorks Children’s Museum understands that and is now offering a way to take their Museum home with you!

With their “Museum in a Bag” program, you can get lessons in history, art, science, music and more. Each kit includes everything you need for both a child and adult to participate in the activities. They are even tying in some of the activities into their current exhibit, Inside the Life of Toys.

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What’s Inside the bag:

  • Timeless Toys” – Learn how to create origami, a cat’s cradle with string, and a thaumatropes (two photos on a disk that seem to blend together when twisted).
  • Sink or Float” – Make a paper boat and learn what will cause the boat to sink and float.
  • Music Makers” – Create your own instrument and find out what sounds different objects make.

You can pick up a “Museum in a Bag” at any of the three EarlyWorks properties: Alabama Constitution Hall Park, Historic Huntsville Depot or EarlyWorks Children’s Museum. They are $10 for one bag or $15 for two bags while supplies last. Good luck, parents. Together we WILL get through this!

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