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Rocket City Mom’s Cold Treat Challenge

Rocket City Mom’s Cold Treat Challenge

Summer. It’s long, lazy days running through the sprinklers, playing with the neighborhood kids until nightfall, and on the best days enjoying an ice cold treat. Nothing ever tastes as good as a popsicle or an ice cream cone in the middle of July.

We all know that this summer isn’t “normal” and many among us are suffering. Small local businesses are struggling and here at Rocket City Mom we were brainstorming about how we could help.

That’s when we came up with the RCM Cold Treat Summer Challenge! Who doesn’t love ice cream? Chances are good you’ve got a favorite and we want to hear about. Share the SCOOP on who has the best gelato, popsicles, ice cream, or frozen yogurt in town and you might just win more of it!

How to Do the RCM Cold Treat Summer Challenge

1. Take a picture of your kid(s) enjoying a sweet cold treat this July from your favorite local provider.

Note: The picture does not have to feature any faces (although we love seeing all those cute mugs). If you are more comfortable with a photo of hands and the treat, that’ll will work! 

2. Share the photo on Instagram or Facebook and tell us why it’s a favorite. Be sure to tag the business and us* on IG or Facebook with the hashtags #RCMColdTreat & #RocketCityKids

3. Each day in July our team will choose a favorite – maybe a couple if we can’t decide – to highlight on our social media stream and that “winner” will get their next treat on us!

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4. Watch for your picture to be highlighted in July and then check your DMs or PMs for a gift from us! That’s right. We’ll purchase a $10 gift certificate from whichever local business that day’s treat came from for the winner.  It’s a true win/win! #EatLocal

*Your settings (on Facebook it’s just the post, on IG it’s your whole account) must be public or we won’t see the tags. If you prefer you can submit by posting the picture directly to the Rocket City Mom Facebook page or by DM via IG. You still must use the hashtags on both IG or Facebook.

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