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Moms-to-Be Can Take a Virtual Madison Hospital Maternity Tour Now

Moms-to-Be Can Take a Virtual Madison Hospital Maternity Tour Now

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If you’re a Huntsville or Madison area mom-to-be you’re likely doing your research about everything leading up to your labor and delivery experience. There are so many questions – where to park, how to check in, who’s allowed with you – it gets overwhelming fast! For expectant moms scheduled to deliver during a pandemic those questions quickly multiply. We’re here, along with our friends at Madison Hospital, to help answer them.

To protect patients, staff and our community, in-person maternity tours at Madison Hospital have temporarily been suspended. However, they have created an online virtual tour for expectant mothers and their families. Be sure to read through this Madison Hospital Mother Baby Tour presentation thoroughly. We’ve also answered questions specific to having a baby during the pandemic and post-pandemic below.


Having a Baby at Madison Hospital During a Pandemic

Who can be with me during my birth at Madison Hospital?
You may have one support person accompany you. This person will have their temperature checked and must have a photo ID upon entering. You may not change support persons during your stay.

Can my birth support person stay with me overnight in the hospital?
The postpartum rooms have a couch that makes into a bed. Your designated support person may spend the night.

What precautions is Madison Hospital taking for maternity patients during the Covid-19 pandemic?
The hospital is limiting people coming into the building – no visitors are allowed during the pandemic outside of your selected support person. They strongly encourage you both arrive to the hospital wearing a mask. All patients and their support person will be asked to sanitize their hands upon check-in.

Can my younger children visit me in the hospital after I have my baby?
Unfortunately at this time children under 16 are not allowed inside the hospital to visit.


Read about one local mom’s experience having her baby during the pandemic at Madison Hospital.


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