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Ways to Celebrate Kid’s Birthdays During Quarantine

Ways to Celebrate Kid’s Birthdays During Quarantine

birthdays during quarantine

During these trying times, it’s hard to explain to children why their whole routine has changed and they no longer are able to celebrate their birthday with their friends. While you battle stress, you are also trying to make a great birthday memory. Here are a few ways that we have found you can celebrate. Let us know if you have other ideas that have been tried and true.

And fingers crossed, and washed, we will all make it through to the other side with some lessons learned and some more parenting experience under our belts.

Self-Isolating Birthday Celebration Ideas for Kids

Cupcakes and Zoom – Have Cupcakes Delivered

This is an idea I saw on Instagram for older kids. You contact a bakery and have cupcakes (or tiny bundt cakes, or donuts) delivered (or have the parents pick them up) to all of the “party guests.” And with a free Zoom account, your kid and their friends can spend up to 40 minutes chatting away about what they’ve been doing and sing happy birthday. It’s the closest you will get to face to face, and everyone gets a treat!

Here are a few local bakeries that are doing pastries, cakes and cookies for curbside pickup or delivery in the Huntsville area.

Chat with your favorite Character – Elsa to Batman

Windam Entertainment and the The Party Princess are doing special calls. If your toddler, like mine, is all about the princesses, you can get a quick call through Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, or Facebook Messenger. Don’t think little guys and gals who are fans of superheroes are out of luck. They have Peter and Bruce – er I mean – Spidey and the Bat to chat with as well! It’s a great way to create a special memory and make your kiddo feel like they can chat with their BFF (Best fictional friend).

Olivia the Part Princess

Birthday Party Parade = Drive-By Friends

Let’s face it, you should stay home. I know this you know this, but sometimes you need to take a drive. Why not do a nice drive by the home of a kid who will wave and feel all the love (not germs) you are projecting at them. You can ask “party paraders” to create signs, get balloons, or the white marker stuff that cheerleaders used to decorate vehicles with… Everyone wins with people getting out the house, getting fresh air and getting to see that special birthday kid in person but CDC approved length away.

Chalk it up to Good Friends – Friends leave Messages in Chalk

You know what’s great about kids who can read? They can see messages left by friends on the sidewalk. If you ask your “party people” to leave a message you can provide the chalk (and some sanitizer) in a bucket or you can ask them to buy their own. Make sure to take a picture or video as your kiddo sees all the love spelled out in the driveway and sidewalk.

Sign off on another Year – Order Signs be Put in your Yard

You know how people used to roll yards? The thought of all that precious TP! Well people can now sign your front yard thanks to services like Card My Yard! Happy Birthday and the whole neighborhood will see along with a surprised kid. This is great for photo opps and you can even combine it with one of the other ideas to make it extra special!

Card My Yard huntsville

Balloons Balloons Balloons – Get Balloons for the Special Day

Who doesn’t love a Balloon? There are companies, like Gina’s Balloons, that will deliver your balloons already blown up and ready to go. This would be great for any age and is a way to fill the house with something other than too much screen time and stress – sorry to project that on you.

Bake Your Cake and Eat it Too – Try a new recipe!

If you have a budding baker, or even a kiddo that likes to count, let them help. Order the supplies online or send your designated shopper to the store to scavenge for cake and icing. You can turn it into a lesson and knock out at least an hour by baking, decorating. You can really dig deep and find a new recipe and sift away all your guilt at how you are doing as a parent. You’re doing great. Really you are. Plus, at the end, you get to eat cake!

Half Birthday – Wait it Out

Listen… If your child just wants a special day with his/her friends, strike a deal – now is all about negotiations – and let them celebrate their half birthday. Fingers crossed that by August or September this will all have come to some end or created a new normal. Rent a pool, go to a jumpy house, celebrate with the Trash Pandas, or rent a lane at Stars & Strikes.

Get even more great ideas from real, local parents in our It’s My Party Series!


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