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Brightening up Coronavirus Quarantine with Some Halloween Spirit

Brightening up Coronavirus Quarantine with Some Halloween Spirit


Halloween decorations in March? We are so here for that. Could setting up seasonal yard decorations during the coronavirus quarantine be just the thing to cheer up your neighbors?

One family in Madison, Alabama decided to take the opportunity to communicate quarantine hygiene. Finn Walker, age 15, helped put together their Quarantineoween display. “We didn’t have any good Christmas decorations so we decided to use our Halloween skeletons. I just thought it would be light-hearted and remind people to wash their hands in a fun way.”

The skeleton crew is making an unseasonal appearance! Edna and Merle say howdy… from 6 feet away.

Other parts of the country are putting up their Christmas lights, or creating huge Easter decoration displays. With extra time on their hands, some families find working on something together takes their mind off the pandemic and on happier times.

The mayor of Tulsa, OK is actually encouraging residents to take part. “I know this seems pretty insignificant when people are facing unemployment and illness,” the mayor said. “When you’re going through a dark time, it can help to see a light in the darkness.” (Tulsa World)

As of Thursday morning, there are 449 cases of COVID-19 in Alabama, including one death. is providing free text alerts as a public service to keep you updated on the most critical news around this public health crisis.

What about your family? Will you be putting up decorations?


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