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TopGolf Huntsville Brunch: Hole In One or Mulligan?

TopGolf Huntsville Brunch: Hole In One or Mulligan?

Topgolf Huntsville offers a whole lot more than swing practice. You can shop for your favorite golfer, hit trivia night with family and friends, lounge at the skybar on date night, and enjoy their great restaurant! They’ve recently rolled out a new breakfast and brunch menu, and we were invited to try it out. Was our experience a hole-in-one, or are we calling in a mulligan? Is a Topgolf Huntsville brunch actually good? I had to find out for myself after hearing friends talk about it.

The Brunch Atmosphere

I visited on a Saturday morning in June when the air felt like hot, thick pea soup – so I worried about being comfortable in the outdoor atmosphere. On the deck, I was welcomed by plenty of cover and shade, cool fans, and a nice place to relax, enjoy the family, eat some delicious food and hit some balls.

Golf not your thing? No problem, they have a couch/lounge seating and a skybar with restaurant tables as well. Being a southern girl, I expected to see some mosquitos or flies. Neither visited me.

TopGolf Brunch Menu

The coffee was hot and mimosas are a $4 special during brunch! With choices like Chicken & Waffles with maple syrup and jalapeno gravy and the Healthy Start Sandwich that looks filling and comes in at under 450 calories for breakfast and the acai superfood bowl, and ahi tuna avocado toast served at brunch, there is something for everyone. I mean, check out this menu.

I indulged in the Farmer’s Market Benedict and Carrot Cake Waffles. The benedict included two crisp zucchini cakes topped with grilled tomatoes, poached eggs, a zesty roasted tomato sauce, and queso fresco. Cilantro is included, but can be left off by request (no cilantro for me please). The dish was warm and fresh, and I didn’t feel like a heavy mess after eating it. The nice punch of protein got my day started right!

With full savory satisfaction, I moved on to the Carrot Cake Waffles. These are high on my list of all time favorite eats. Kids and parents alike will be all over this selection.

Plated, you get four waffles (sounds like a lot, but they are small enough to not overwhelm) with toppings. The cream cheese icing, caramel sauce, and maple syrup atop the warm, fresh goodness made my tummy sing, but candied pecans, fresh strawberries, and powdered sugar are what really push these over the top. I mean, get to Topgolf post haste and order these. You will not be disappointed.

Whack a Few Balls After Brunch

Service was fast and I felt that the atmosphere easily spoke to family, friends, business meetings, etc. I lack decent hand/eye coordination and have generally failed my life over at anything remotely sporty, and I had a BLAST whacking balls!! I was self-conscious at first, but noticed people of all skill levels around me. No one was paying attention to me anyway; they were all enjoying their respective company. So, I grabbed a club or two and had a great time.

Kids Ameneties

While Topgolf does not have high chairs, they do have changing stations in both the women’s and the men’s bathrooms. They also have a nursing mothers’ room that can be requested. It locks and has a comfortable chair in there if mama wants privacy.

Who knew this place had such an amazing brunch?

Breakfast selections are offered daily from open – 2PM and brunch can be enjoyed on Saturdays and Sundays at the same time. You do not have to play to enjoy the delicious food and lovely atmosphere. You can be seating inside or out, and, as I mentioned before, the environment is welcoming and appropriate for all sorts of outings.

TopGolf Huntsville Brunch Details

Address: 6100 Topgolf Drive NW, Huntsville (map)
Phone: 256-270-4667
Hours: Breakfast daily from 9AM – 2PM
View Website | TopGolf Huntsville on Facebook

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