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Supper with Santa: 12 Days of Giveaways

Supper with Santa: 12 Days of Giveaways

As part of our annual gift to you, Dear Reader, we join forces with our partners to coordinate some fantastic giveaways to help you get in the holiday spirit.

Imagine the excitement of your little ones when they get to eat dinner with Santa himself! This holiday dinner might be magical but it doesn’t take a special trick, just tickets to the Earlyworks Society Suppers with Santa event. Trust us when we tell you that if you’ve got children of a certain age, this is truly a Huntsville tradition you don’t want to miss. See our full RCM Parent Review of the experience to see why.

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Supper with Santa Giveaway Details

What: Four tickets to Supper with Santa
When: Seating available November 26th – Thursday, November 29th, 2018
Where: EarlyWorks Children’s Museum Grand Hall, 404 Madison Street, Huntsville (map)

HOW TO ENTER: Leave a comment below and tell us about your favorite Santa-centric tradition. It can be something that involves your kids or a memory from your own childhood. We’ll draw a winner on Nov. 10th.

Don’t Want to Risk It?

If this all sounds right up your family’s alley and you don’t want to take a gamble on winning a giveaway, you can go ahead and buy your guaranteed tickets while they last!
Cost: $15 per person, required for anyone above the age of one year. Includes a ticket to Santa’s Village that can be used anytime before Dec. 23rd. Buy Tickets here!

[themify_box style=”red info”]Giveaways for the Holidays is one of our favorite Rocket City Mom holiday traditions. We’ll be giving away one or more holiday related prizes each week through mid-December. Be sure to mark your calendar and then check back with us here or on our Giveaway Page to see what all we have in store. Good Luck! [/themify_box]

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  • Leaving cookies for Santa when I was little and the plate and glass always being put up the next morning. Mom always said Santa knew to clean up after himself.

    • My father would get on roof by chimmy and ring sleigh bell’s, we would hurry to bed

  • When I was a kid my parents would always bake pies and Christmas Eve we would take them to different friends and families and spend time with different people all day and on the way home we would always look for Santa and sometimes I thought I would see him and say we have to go home he is so close !! Now I understand in enjoyed getting to be with people instead of all the getting

  • My favorite Santa- centric Christmas thing is spending the night at my grandparents’ house and trying to convince my little cousins that I heard bells or something on the roof!

  • Our favorite thing is writing Santa letters and spending all of Christmas day in our PJs eating finger foods.

  • Santa has always been so magical! From childhood and now seeing my kids get excited just makes Christmas more fun. I love watching my kids make their lists and telling Santa what they want. One thing from the list is from Santa and the rest is from mom and dad. I’m not letting the guy in the red suit steal all the credit lol

  • Growing up a childhood favorite was going over to drive by Foxcroft Academy where Santa and his reindeer were on display running in front of the school. At night with the lights on there was just something magical about it. When I finally had my own kids it was fun to see their eyes light up when driving past Santa and his team as they “got ready” for Christmas out in front of the school.

  • Growing up, one of my grandpa’s buddies would dress up as Santa and come visit us at Grandma’s house and bring us a little something a day or so before Christmas. We really loved it even long after we figured out who it was.

  • On Christmas Eve we make sure to leave cookies and milk out for Santa and carrots on the deck for the reindeer and then spend time all together reading several favorite Christmas stories before the kids excitedly run up to bed.

  • On Christmas Eve we make sure to leave cookies and milk out for Santa and carrots on the deck for the reindeer, and then spend time all together reading several favorite Christmas stories before the kids excitedly run up to bed.

  • Making Christmas cookies with my grandmother and then leaving a few out for Santa.

  • For years we would take our now 2 grown children to a mall in Birmingham to see the “real” Santa and Mrs. Claus, then while our daughter and her family were stationed in Fairbanks Alaska we were able to visit and take our grandchildren to Northpole Alaska to visit the “REAL” Santa and Mrs. Claus at their home! Truly magical! And yes, I still believe.

  • We make sure to leave plenty of cookies and milk out for Santa and carrots on the deck for his reindeer. We also read several of our favorite Christmas books all together before the kids excitedly run up to bed.

  • We would go to Christmas Eve mass then open gifts from out of town relatives and bake Santa cookies.

  • My son just turned 3 and we had explained the naughty or nice list to him. His “terrible 3s” were in full effect so I wasn’t sure that he fully grasped the concept. Christmas morning he runs into the living room to see the gifts under the tree. He was so excited; running around shrieking, “He came! He came!” Made me laugh that on his own, he was able to conclude there may be a chance Santa would’ve skipped over our house due to behavior…. lol
    A Christmas memory so never tire of telling every year 😉

  • I love taking my girls to see Santa! I love watching their reaction to him every year. They are 2 and 4, so still very unpredictable.

  • I will always remember going to midnight mass on Christmas Eve and coming home to see that Santa had arrived while we were at church. I love seeing the joy on the kids’ faces on Christmas morning.

  • I always loved going to visit Santa’s village back home and catching a glimpse of mr and Mrs Clause. It was really cool because it was just set up by 2 people that loved Christmas and it turned into a huge tradition for people in Chicago.

  • My favorite Santa memory was 2 years ago. I had the opportunity to take my son, Sawyer, to see Santa for the first time. We didnt have money to pay for pictures or anything so we just went to a free event at Cabellas, that we saw on RCM, and had his picture taken. It was so surreal for me because it was my first time doing anything really christmassy with my only baby. Just, the opportunity to be a mom, and introduce him to Santa was awesome. He thought it was hilarious so it turned out great!

  • I am a Mom of 2. My daughter is 6 years old now. My “Step son” is 10 years old and He has been my step son since he was 3. Unfortunately this road has been rough. Custody battles with his abusive Mother led us to not be aloud to have him Christmas morning, ever. My husband had his first year with him and that was it. So for 8 years we had to wait until the afternoon for Santa to arrive. Even with our daughter and it broke my heart that I couldn’t make cookies with him and he didn’t wake up at home. So, 2015 came and we finally got Full custody and I got to make cookies, watch movies, and see his face on Christmas morning waking up and having a normal life and getting to be a child. 🎅❤💖

  • My favorite tradition is leaving cookies and milk for Santa and carrots for the reindeers. The magic I remember feeling and now my son feels in the morning when they have evidence of Santa and the reindeer is priceless.

  • My favorite tradition is putting out milk and cookies with our children for Santa. They usually write him a Merry Christmas note too

  • Waking up early every morning in December to help her find “Fred” her Elf on the Shelf. seeing that sparkle in her eye when she found him was always the best part. Also going to a tree farm, letting her choose her tree and then daddy chop it down for us to bring it ho

  • My mother always got out the candy molds & had us make chocolate treats & suckers to take The Clauses when we went for Christmas pictures. That made Santa more real to me than anything & made me think he remembered/looked forward to us for years.

  • Our fav Santa tradition is daddy dressing up as Santa and coming down the stairs with a sack on Christmas morning. Also, we love to watch the Santa tracker on Christmas Eve.

  • We always read “The Night Before Christmas” on Christmas Eve and leave Santa cookies and milk.

  • I made gingerbread cookies with my children for the first time last year. I loved watching them decorate and eat something they have created. They always feel so special!

  • When I was little my grandpa always dressed as Santa for his company. They had this huge magical Christmas train display. And every year my poppop would dress as Santa and greet the children and I would dress as his elf. We would hand out cookies and it was all volunteer but it taught me how good it felt to make others smile ❤️

  • We have started driving by the house where the guy gets up on his roof dressed as Santa! The kids really get a kick out of it!! Perfect for anyone locally with little kids! You just stay warm in the car and grab some coffee/hot chocolate… looking at Christmas lights…. and bam! There is Santa!!!

  • We love pictures with Santa while walking through the lights at HBG and singing Christmas Carols.

  • Santa always wrote notes to me – sometimes to explain where a gift was hidden, sometimes to say thank you for the cookies, sometimes just to say Merry Christmas. The tradition continued with both of my children.

  • Our favorite Santa tradition is going o Santa’s Village and getting to see Santa Clause.

  • We love going to Santa’s Village to visit with the big man and play in the snow!

  • Our families favorite “Santa 🎅Moment” was at Joe Wheeler electric company(I may be using the wrong name😵), but it was a free event that I found on Rocket City Moms and it was amazing because Mrs. Claus was there with Santa as well! To see not only my children, but my niece that is a wee bit older get so excited was amazing! I can’t imagine what their faces would be like if they were to get to meet the “helpers” as well !🎄🎅🎄

  • Our family takes the kiddos to Santa’s Village. Can’t wait to see how they do it at the Depot this year instead of at the Constitution Village.

  • My favorite tradition was making homemade sugar cookies with my mom. Now that I have children of my own, I make cookies with them. My children and I love to decorate the cookies and leave some out for Santa.

  • We always let the kids decide what cookies to make for Santa every year and then we bake and decorate them together as a family. The kids love leaving their extra special cookies out for Santa to get when he is leaving them presents!

  • I LOVE baking cookies with my little ones!! They always make carrot flavored ones so the reindeer will eat them!

  • Ever since we bought our house we have gone to the Christmas tree farm to pick and cut down our tree! Sadly dad won’t be here for Christmas this year and we won’t be able to share this memory with him but we will think or him and miss him until he comes home!

  • Christmas Eve is our family’s favorite! My sweet girls color pictures for Santa and leave him a plate of goodies, then they spend the entire night checking the windows and daddy’s phone for the Santa tracker. Then we read “The Night Before Christmas” and attempt to go to sleep 😆! There is much magic and promise of what awaits when we can finally convince them to close their eyes for bedtime!

  • When I was 5 years old I had received a candy bar at a Christmas eve family gathering. When we got home, my mom told me to lay it on the kitchen counter and that I could eat it tomorrow. I woke up wanting that candy bar. When I went to get it, the candy bar was gone! My dad told me that I had left it too close to Santa’s milk and cookies, so Santa had ate it. I was so disappointed. Years later my dad let me know that he had ate it. He didn’t know that it had been mine.

  • Sometimes we make reindeer food and my kids sprinkle it in the front yard so we make sure Santa comes. 🙂 We also set our cookies and milk and tell the Elf Bye. Thank goodness!

  • One of my favorite tho ha to do is bake cookies for mama and papa I mean Mr and Mrs Claus😜 I also like to generate letters for my children from Santa

  • waking up to see crumbs where the cookies were and a note that he had left along with the presents – it was a favorite of mine as a kid and now i love doing it from the parent side 🙂

  • parents taking us to Wool Worth’s department store to see Santa!

  • My favorite Christmas tradition is to make Christmas candy and read the Christmas Story by the fire with my family. All that is lit is the tree 😊 My brothers family lives in another country so when he is here in the states, we always come to Santa’s Village as part of our tradition as well!

  • My favorite memory was waking up to a handwritten letter from “Santa”. My favorite tradition with my little girl is leaving cookies for Santa because she has to taste test and get her chubby little fingers on each one. Can’t beat the cuteness there!

  • Going to take pictures with Santa at the mall was always my favorite as a kid. My babies are turning 1 and 3 this month, so I’m looking forward to creating our own Santa traditions now. My almost 3 year old is very into Christmas this time, so it should be a lot of fun!! 😄

  • Cutting down a cedar tree on my grandparents farm and decorating with my family.

  • I grew up in an old Victorian house and my dad loved Christmas. Every year we would go out and pick a giant tree. 12ftx8 minimum for our living room- which had an areas that bowed out, with window seats all around. It was too big to decorate ourselves, so of course there was a party. My father was an antique dealer, so the antique bulbs would come out one by one as lots and lots of friends came throughout the night. We had tons of these old beautiful santa bulbs that clipped onto the tree. Of course there was always a visit from Santa, and singing and dancing. As an adult, I see the gift that they gave to me and everyone who came to visit. I will always remember the magic of our tree decorating parties.

  • I loved following the Santa tracker on the television and looking at the sky the entire 20 minute drive home from my grandparents’ house.

  • My husband read the Night Before Christmas and would act out parts of it to our daughter when she was little, now he reads it to our two grandsons. The part they love the most is when he laughs and his belly jiggles like a bowl full of jelly.

  • As a child we would always open one present on the night before Christmas. It would be a new pair of Christmas pajamas, a bag of popcorn, some yummy treats and a santa movie that we could all watch as a family. When we woke up the next morning, mom would be ready with the camara and all of our pictures would look so perfect & magical with my sister & I in our beautiful new pajamas. This is still a family tradition that I carry on with my two children every Christmas.

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