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School Spotlight: Alabama Renaissance School

School Spotlight: Alabama Renaissance School

Alabama Renaissance School

As part of our local Education coverage, RCM is featuring a monthly School Spotlight to help our readers learn more about private and magnet schools in Madison County. We will continue to highlight the happenings at area public schools, and are excited to expand our education coverage to include more options for local students and their parents.

We recently interviewed Dr. Janet Womack, CEO for the Alabama Renaissance School. Families in Huntsville and Madison County have many options for school, and this is a great chance to learn more about ARS!

Alabama Renaissance Charter School Details

Address: 605 South Clinton Street, Athens, AL 35611 is the base location with other locations across Alabama
Phone: 256-233-6600
View Website | ARCS on Facebook

Grades/Ages of Students Served: Kindergarten through 12th grade
Public or Private? Charter (Free)
Religious Affiliation: None
School Mascot & Colors: Red and White

Alabama Renaissance School

Teacher/Student Ratio: Since we are a blended school with online and face-to-face instruction, our students are served on a 1/1 basis based on their Personalized Learning Plans.

School Mission: To provide students a new choice outside of the traditional K-12 public school model through a progressive, nationally-accredited, personalized education tailored to the needs of each individual student and their families.

What is your school’s predominant educational philosophy?
We believe that parents should have a voice and choice in their child’s future and that options and opportunities for student success come from flexible, innovative education. Those unique opportunities are rarely available to every child due to the bureaucratic blockades that have existed at both the state and federal levels for generations. High quality education should be customized for each student and be available and accessible anytime, anywhere regardless where a family chooses to live throughout Alabama.

Alabama Renaissance School

What sets your school apart from other area programs?
We are the only conversion charter school in Alabama and the only blended charter school that serves students statewide. We offer more than 150 courses for students. We are nationally accredited and free to all families in Alabama.

Our school offers Advanced Placement (AP) and Dual Enrollment (College) credit. Our students are taught by certified teachers in every subject and grade level. Our program is mastery driven so students and families have flexibility in the school calendar.

What extracurricular opportunities exist for your students?
We are the Academic Arm for students. Students may participate in extracurricular activities through homeschool associations, local schools where zoned (with school approval), or other community activities.

Alabama Renaissance School

What advice do you have for parents looking for a school for their child(ren)?
Every child is unique and one program is not a one size fits all. Know your child and his/her learning style. Always choose the school that will personalize education based on your child’s academic level, interests and future goals.

Describe your admissions process.
Join us through our simple online registration process through our website. We are open to ALL students in Alabama.

Upcoming Open House Events: We schedule meetings at the request of the parents since we are serving students statewide. We invite you to discover more about what makes ARS special!

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